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Finding Mr. Right, or Becoming Mrs. Right?

As young girls, we cannot help but fantasize over how our perfect wedding will be. We think about things such as, what kind of dress am I going to wear; what friends will be my bridesmaids; what colors am I going to have; will my groom be tall, dark, and handsome; and where will we take our, oh so magical honeymoon. 491 more words


Far too many people

Far too many people are looking for the right person, instead of trying to be the right person.

An Unfinished Story... 

Do you remember in grade school when you did right and you felt great? It’s such a wonderful feeling. You get praise from your folks at home and the teachers in school. 294 more words


Finding Mr Or Mrs Right - Tell Your Story!

Do you want to share your story with me? The story about how you found your Mr or your Mrs Right? Check out my feature… 65 more words


My Dating Life... I Just Don't Get It.

I am objective.  At least I believe that I am so.  I spend so much effort trying to be objective…

And Objectively – I believe that I am a Great Catch. 1,377 more words


She works hard for the money!

The dating scene in Sydney is always a hot topic of conversation for various reasons – mainly due to the lack of suitable partners that are available, single, aren’t commitment phobes and don’t involve having a hidden spouse and a few kids on the side that they ‘forget’ to mention. 293 more words