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Possible Solution To MRSA

Possible Solution To MRSA

by Matt Pearce

 A Denmark study found that certain leaves from a Chilean tree can slow down if not defeat MRSA.  When the antibiotic ciprofloxacin combined with a compound from the leaves, the drug became eight times more effective against MRSA. 28 more words


You wait for ages, and then two come at once..

Sometimes waiting for research highlighting an issue that you know is a problem is like waiting for a bus..  Following on from my colleague @jonotter… 397 more words


Eyebrow Attitude

Four days after my mother came home from her MRSA hospital stay, I went into the office to go outside to smoke. I froze when I saw something. 232 more words

Word Jokes

Robert the Construction Engineer replies in the affirmative regarding himself and his teams’ ability to undertake and complete the work described to a satisfactory standard. 439 more words


Whitewash my Crotch

I don’t like to know about colonies of bacteria on my skin that are growing and multiplying every day.

I think it is disgusting.

1 by 1, 158 more words


CAFO System Starting to Show Signs of Collapse


By Dr. Mercola

The first large-scale animal factories appeared in the early 1970s,1 and while these initial confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) were for egg laying hens, pork and beef producers soon followed suit. 2,653 more words


Deadly, drug-resistant superbugs now being found in meat products

(NaturalNews) MRSA, or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, has been a concerning health topic, and for good reason. The superbug is a drug-resistant strain of Staph… 662 more words