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Bella's Fight

Near the end of 2016, some time around October, my family’s beloved dog, Bella, suddenly became very, very sick.

Neither my sister or I live at home anymore, so we did not immediately know she was sick. 913 more words

New chemical shows promise against MRSA in-vitro

Researchers from North Carolina State University have synthesized an analog of lipoxazolidinone A, a small molecule that is effective against drug-resistant bacteria such as MRSA. This molecule, a new synthetic compound inspired by a natural product, could be a useful chemical tool for studying other Gram-positive infections and may have implications for future drug creation. 466 more words

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Attacking the fecal veneer (part 2)

Last year (Jan 17, 2017) I blogged on an excellent pragmatic cluster-randomized crossover study in which 4 patient room cleaning strategies were tested for their effectiveness to reduce acquisition of bacterial carriage for the incoming patients. 649 more words

Antibiotic Resistance

What is antimicrobial resistance?

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Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is the all-encompassing term used to describe the ability of a microorganism such as fungi, bacteria, or a virus to become resistant to antibiotics. 604 more words

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So long, staph infections...

File this under “things I never thought I’d share on the internet”. I’m going to tell you how my family and I managed to get never-ending staph infections under control. 1,385 more words


Staph Infection Nightmare

Life’s great…good food…good sport…good weather…wait what the hell is this on my scalp?!

It started as an innocent-looking red patch just above the hairline. No big deal. 216 more words


Manuka Honey - Help with Antibiotic Resistant Bugs.

For those that are unfamiliar with the great health benefits of honey, and/or specifically with Manuka honey, here’s some good information.

From http://www.realfoodforlife.com:

Health Benefits of Honey… 558 more words

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