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The Human Nose Might Harbor an Antibiotic to Stop Staph Infections

The human body is a marvel. In addition to all the obvious stuff, like being the only truly bipedal creatures on the planet and using symbolic language and all that, apparently we also contain bacteria in our noses that could be useful in combating one of the deadliest forms of bacteria. 274 more words


HAP/VAP Guideline Highlight Part II-MRSA

As mentioned in a previous blog post, the new hospital acquired pneumonia/ventilator-associated pneumonia (HAP/VAP) guidelines were recently released in July of 2016 as a joint effort between the ATS and the IDSA, in order to help assist clinicians in effectively managing patients who develop pneumonia in the nosocomial setting. 635 more words


From COSMOS: "Flu and superbug combo causes fatal lung damage"


17 August 2016
Amy Middleton

The virus causes white blood cells to attack lungs, inflaming the tissue and giving MRSA an easier infection route. 386 more words

Applied Research & Technology

New Antibiotic – Inside The Human Nose, And It Can Treat Drug-Resistant Bacteria

In coming years more will die of resistance to antibiotics than cancer but nosey scientists’ results could help stem that tide.

The human nose is not the first place you would think of for seeking lifesaving medications. 306 more words


One Down One to Go

Yesterday was my surgery to address this open wound that has been a nuisance since December. We were expecting to find an abscess, or a stitch, or something keeping it from closing being that the wound itself is colonized with MRSA, and was draining. 244 more words

The microbiome, the gift that keeps on giving…

In recent years, stories about the microbiome have become pervasive. The microbiome is defined as all of the microorganisms in any environment, however many people usually think of a microbiome as all of the microorganisms that share the human body – be they… 789 more words

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