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Cockroaches & Antibiotic Resistance

Of course cockroaches get a bad rap (I don’t like them much either, YUCK), but apparently we may need them more than we think!

According to scientists, cockroach brains contain powerful antibiotic properties which may be able to be used in our current antibiotic resistant world! 112 more words

My Preparation for University Interviews

Hello Lovely readers!

Firstly, I would like to share this great news with you that I received offers from all of my five university choices! 🎉These lovely five universities include the University of Warwick, University of Bath, University of Birmingham, University of Reading and finally, University of Brighton. 759 more words


Private Hospital Rooms Cut Infection, Offset Building Costs

In the war against infections, constructing single-patient rooms – rather than sick-bay style, multi-patient rooms – reduces hospital-acquired infections among patients. A new Cornell-led study finds that the purported high building costs of private hospital rooms are more than offset by the financial benefits of keeping patients safer from infection. 527 more words

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VELIKA BRITANIJA | V medicinski knjigi iz 9. stoletja so odkrili recept za meĆĄanico, ki je zelo učinkovita proti bakteriji MRSA. Bakterija MRSA je odporna proti penicilinu, zato jo je teĆŸko obvladovati. 52 more words


So, Jamie Collins Totally Has MRSA, Right?

Jamie Collins has missed another practice due to mysterious illness. He has yet to even be at the facility. To be sick and away from the team for two weeks is incredibly concerning. 190 more words


6 smart facts about antibiotics

We’ve already looked at how antibiotic resistance develops and why it’s important. Now let’s consider 6 more important facts about using antibiotics appropriately.

Antibiotics save lives. 659 more words