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7th-grader scores perfect SAT; now helping create MRSA vaccine

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. — Can geometry help you play better ping pong? Moody Middle School student Cameron Sharma hopes it can help him beat his sister in a few games in the family garage. 440 more words


Flea Bytes: Hospital Acquired Pneumonia (HAP)

  • Definition: pneumonia that occurs 48 hours or more after admission and did not appear to be incubating at the time of admission.
  • HCAP Removed because many patients who met criteria were in fact not at increased risk for multi-drug resistant organisms, MDROs…
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The struggle against antibiotic resistance

“Animals may be evolution’s icing, but bacteria are the cake.” –Andrew Knoll, Life on a Young Planet

Rapid evolution of multi-drug resistant bacteria due to overuse of antibiotics is one of the biggest threats facing humans today. 976 more words


LA-MRSA: On the definition of emergence

Some friends, called patriotic hackers, had secured a very interesting surveillance database and I tried to write a manuscript, when I was scooped (in… 628 more words

Antibiotic Resistance

Very lucky with a staph infection

A little over a week ago, I thought I might have a pimple on my elbow. Unfortunately, within a day my elbow was fairly red and swollen and within three days my arm below the bicep was starting to look like a balloon. 113 more words

What To Expect When Expecting A Super Antibiotic

It is an unfortunate fact of life that bacteria are getting stronger and stronger as they develop resistance to many of the antibiotics that we use. 551 more words


A MRSA Infection Cost Me $300,000—and Nearly Killed Me

This essay is part of a TIME series on the growing effects of antimicrobial resistance: superbugs that may no longer be treated with standard-course antibiotics. In 2016, World Health Organization leaders called drug resistance a “ 981 more words