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Staph at the Gym? Not if You’re Careful

While places like gyms can be an easy and perfect breeding ground for staph such as MRSA, with warm, humid environments, it’s also easy to prevent contracting it. 152 more words

In a world with no antibiotics, how did doctors treat infections?

The development of antibiotics and other antimicrobial therapies is arguably the greatest achievement of modern medicine. However, overuse and misuse of antimicrobial therapy predictably leads to resistance in microorganisms. 1,137 more words

Portland Maine

And I’m off to Portland Maine to care for son Saturday. He still has one remaining spine abscess which keeps his very life threatened. All that can be done is pray and hope. 69 more words


5 MRSA 'Hot Spots'

For the most part people can guess where MRSA hangs out and grows, putting people at risk for one of the deadliest skin infections out there: gyms, health clubs, prisons, schools, hospitals, etc. 226 more words

Thoughts, hot flashes and infection

Thoughts, hot flashes and infection. I will address in that order since it’s midnight and I can’t sleep.

Thoughts. My husband’s coworker’s father died today, so we were talking about death at dinner (and yes it was brought up that we were eating dead chicken and if the chicken will be mad at us in heaven). 294 more words

SafeScience F.A.S.T. for Sports

The SafeScience F.A.S.T. (Fitness-Athletics-Sports- Tactical) division helps protect athletes, fitness enthusiasts, first responders, military personnel & more from the invisible threats. Viral, bacterial, fungal & poor IAQ issues are all too common in the environments these groups perform. 121 more words

Home Remedies to Treat MRSA Infection

In this article, we will talk about home remedies to treat MRSA infection. Whenever any skin infection attacks, mostly the first line of defense is antibiotics. 31 more words