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Using Windows 95 Kernel PowerToys

“The Windows 95 kernel team got kind of jealous of all the attention the shell team has been getting from its PowerToys, so they decided to polish off their own personal toys and make their own web page. 450 more words


[Review] The Incredible Machine

REVIEW # 00000000 00101010

Machines take me by surprise with great frequency (A. Turing)

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[Review] HardBall IV

REVIEW # 00000000 00101000

In Italy, a nation dominated by soccer, other sports have huge difficulties to get some space and so it’s the same for all the sports that are traditionally americans, like football and baseball. 527 more words



NES (reviewed), PC, DOS, Amiga, C64, GBA
Developed by Capcom
Released in 1986

One of the longest running and most well known series from Konami, Castlevania was an icon for the company. 1,308 more words


Space Hulk (1993)

Space Hulk
MS-DOS (reviewed), Amiga, and PC-98
Developed by Electronic Arts
Released in 1993

While nowadays we associate Electronic Arts with an endless slew of controversies, it’s weird to recall the era where they were a pretty solid company by most accounts.  1,227 more words


Creating an MS-DOS floppy image from a directory in Unix

For a long time I have needed a way to transfer data into my DOS virtual machines. I came somewhat close to a solution by… 420 more words


Space Crusade

Space Crusade
MS-DOS, ZX Spectrum (reviewed), Amstrad CPC, Amiga, Commodore 64
Developed by Gremlin Interactive
Released in 1992

It’s only recently that I got into the… 1,228 more words