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PCem: Emulate the Tandy 1000 & MS-DOS on an 8088.

PCem is an IBM PC emulator for Windows and Linux released under a GPL license. Unlike other solutions such as DOSBox or SCUMM, it doesn’t simulate an operating system or game environment. 1,351 more words



Mike Liardet looks at Multiplan – Microsoft’s entry to the spreadsheet fray.

After releasing the Apple version of Visicalc about three years ago, Visicorp enjoyed at least 18 months completely unchallenged in the market for what has now become known as spreadsheet software. 3,509 more words



BACKUP is a tribute album to various MS-DOS games and it was co-produced by Masha Lepire, Hashel, Pixel Mixers and Thennecan.

It features 14 tracks… 174 more words

Pixel Mixers

Professional Standards

Philippe Michiels delivers the verdict on the latest Texas micro.

Increasing concern about industry-wide standards has meant that big manufacturers – including IBM and Digital – have begun producing hardware running on systems like MS-DOS and CP/M-86. 1,091 more words



I’m still playing through Wolfenstein 3D at the moment, and we’re about halfway through the series now! I’ll be moving on to the Nocturnal Mission episodes now that we’ve completed the first three episodes of the game. 76 more words


The Vienna PC-Whiter Than White?

Designed as part of an integrated office automation system, this stylish 80186-based micro with superb graphics can function equally well as a stand-alone machine.

The screen phosphor has been chosen to be as easy on the eye as possible so that prolonged use is less stressful… 1,496 more words


Games of the Week

This week I’ve begun playing through a couple of new games – God of Thunder from 1993 and Wolfenstein 3D from 1992. Both are DOS games, Wolfenstein 3D being one of the earliest First-Person Shooter games and considered a classic of the genre, and God of Thunder being a quirky puzzle adventure that’s a bit less well known. 62 more words