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Java Coding : Ms-Dos Commands Execute In Java Program

Program 1:

package com.java.system;

* @author Kumaran
* Execute Ms-Dos Command in Java Program
* Happy Coding
* @version

import java.io.IOException;
import java.io.InputStream; 64 more words


New Let's Play started!

Woop! After a short break due to university work, real work, and band activity, I have returned with the start of a new Let’s Play series! 22 more words


Tandy 1000 SX Software

Tandy 1000 SX Software

These are still in excellent condition.

How we connected back in the day.

Old school PC gaming at it’s finest. 25 more words

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Windows 10: A History of Windows and Review of Windows 10

Microsoft’s Windows 10 is happily a vast improvement over its Windows 8/8.1 versions.  I, foolishly, installed Windows 8.0 only my old desktop computer.  Suddenly gone were every single recognizable feather of Windows 7 and earlier versions.  1,492 more words


Hello WordPress!!

I have finally decided to set up a page on here to function as a hub of sorts for my retrogaming adventures! So I will try and keep this place organised with nice pages of links to all my let’s play videos and such. 78 more words


[Fixed] notepad++ can not show in chinese message

用 notepad++ 編程內容有中文字串,編譯完出現亂碼,
Google 後發現我以 UTF-8 而非 ANSI 存檔,
Encode in ANSI/Encode in UTF-8 造成原始檔內容亂碼,
最後選擇 Convert to ANSI 終於順利見到中文輸出!

可能已經是 windows 8.1 繁中版,在 MS-DOS 輸入 CHCP 950
沒反應;或是執行 cmd.exe 輸入 regedit 也看到系統已經設定好

遇到問題強烈建議先從 notepad++ 找根源。


Retro City Rampage DX now available for Linux and Mac

#Vblank Entertainment‘s efforts to make Retro City Rampage available on as many #platforms as possible has happened, now playable on Linux, Mac and MS-DOS. 347 more words

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