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Retro City Rampage DX now available for Linux and Mac

#Vblank Entertainment‘s efforts to make Retro City Rampage available on as many #platforms as possible has happened, now playable on Linux, Mac and MS-DOS. 347 more words

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Delete old files in Windows and Oracle

Oracle produces a lot of trace and log files. Take a backup of the files before renaming/removing them. For the trace files – it’s wise to keep 1-2 week of alert/trace files in the same directory. 128 more words


Must-Own Games: DOS Edition

Let’s go a bit retro for this, shall we? I’ve nabbed the special edition of TIE Fighter for my machine thanks to the old-school gurus at GOG, and it’s got me on a fully blown nostalgia trip. 409 more words


Como revivir los días de MS-DOS gratis

Sí, han leído bien, es posible revivir los días de MS-DOS de forma gratuita. A continuación les explico las formas de hacerlo:

La primera y más simple, es usar un maravilloso emulador de DOS llamado DosBox, compatible con Windows y Linux (y supongo que también con Mac, pero no lo sé seguro). 195 more words

Quick-Tip: Escaping special characters in MS-DOS

The other day I needed to make a batch file, and encountered the problem of having characters (specifically spaces and parentheses), which needed to be escaped in order for the batch file to run correctly in MS-DOS. 94 more words


Berenstain Bears Video Games and Computer Software

The single most valuable piece of Berenstain Bears memorabilia is arguably the infamous Berenstain Bears Atari 2600 game made by Coleco in 1983.  It was the first Berenstain Bears video game, and was very nearly the last, due to the disastrous debut of the “Kid Vid” accessories that were required to play the game. 763 more words