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One Moment In Time

I miss the voice of Whitney Houston.

She was like no other.

Whitney was classic, timeless, and at times so damn serious, yet oh so humorous. 21 more words


Mary Mary Recap- Bye Bye Tour

By: Ms. Houston

Let me first lay out my bias. I like these ladies. No, I really like these ladies. I did not think I would when the show first premiered, but from the first 15 minutes, I knew this would be my new Thursday night show since the Braxtons left me. 1,548 more words

Alexis, Where Art Thou Voice???

By: Ms. Houston

Oh Alexis!!

So I watched last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Let me say this, as you will continue to notice throughout my (Ms. 856 more words

Trayvon Martin Case: My True Opinions

By: Ms. Houston

George Zimmerman should be arrested. Plain and simple.  From my understanding of the case, which I believe is thorough thanks to all of the media outlets, George Zimmerman should have been arrested on February 26 (the day he killed Trayvon Martin) and should still be in police custody awaiting trial. 1,825 more words

Basketball Wives

By: Ms. Houston

Ok, I know I know. These shows are “foolishness” and I really should not be watching them. But in my defense (and my only defense), watching the foolery that is reality tv allows me to escape my reality for 41 minutes.   1,376 more words