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Summer cleaning

It wasn’t so warm this morning so I gave my computer the ol’ dustaroo with the air can. Made a nice pile.


the kits of euro 2016: groups e and f

The third and final kit review of the Euros. I should have done one for the Copa America too (Columbia’s home kit is now white?) but it took me a little by surprise. 2,152 more words


Lighting the Wintu

This is less of a “concept art” piece and more of a “I have no idea what you’re trying to describe here” piece.

In Chapter 34: The Survivor… 231 more words


the kits of euro 2016: groups c and d

Have you been enjoying the Euros? I don’t mean the currency, the “Euro”, though if you have been enjoying those then good on you. I remember the changeover, I was living in France at the time, when it seemed like every other Franc was a counterfeit, the switch to the Euro was pretty welcome. 2,236 more words


A Little Bit of Levity (June 15, 2016)

I don’t care what people say, this is a masterpiece.

I’ll try to write a regular Write Anything Wednesday post next week.

Good night, everybody!

Write Anything Wednesday

Orlando Bloom for Orlando in June

I know that my blog is mostly fun and games, but this one is a little more serious. It goes out to all those in Orlando in their time of need. 94 more words

the kits of euro 2016: groups a and b

Euro 2016 has begun! While the British hold a referendum on whether to leave Europe (‘Brexit’ is such a stupid contraction by the way, and concept too), most of its constituent countries (except for, er, Scotland) are going to be spending the next few weeks trying to stay in. 1,572 more words