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Arieli Faevah

Steume Taziya

After my previous laptop died, I wasn’t able to get Paint Tool SAI for a long time on a laptop my mom let me borrow. 11 more words

Digital Art

What Doesn't Make A Gamer

I can see the gamer in your head. He’s overweight or undeniably lanky. He hasn’t showered for awhile and his breath smells like the carcinogenic additives they spray on food nowadays. 1,295 more words

Shane Nichols

A bit of Art/Procrastination

I’m struggling with an assignment, so instead of working on that, I’m revisiting the art I used to make on paint back when I was little and getting a bit creative. 6 more words

Birth of a Doughnut!

I have been snoopin’ around the Facebook pages of some of my classmates from my college days wondering what everyone has been up to since leaving college. 272 more words


The Workshop #9 - Even More Professional


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Dear listener: we at the Workshop Podcast feel that when we produce an episode, we are making a pact with our audience. 202 more words

The Workshop Podcast