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An Update In A Few Languages

(Thanks, David S.!)

Current mood: See above. Too much annoying real world stuff going on to focus on the good things happening, but more incomplete posts than you can shake a stick at are coming. 136 more words


Time in MS Paint

I was bored today, so I decided to draw in MS Paint. But, all I could think was “what am I doing with my TIME?” And so, I just decided to try a pun with ‘Time’ as the theme. 120 more words

The Foreigner

Gotta love Conservatives, always keeping America safe from the scary brown people…

*SARCASM* Gotta make that clear just in case someone decides to lose their mind.


The Cabin

Today I’m going with my twin to visit our dad in upstate NY and memories of the old family cabin are splashing through my head like cold pump water. 328 more words