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Even more MS Paint Etch a Sketch

I was asked if I had tried to reproduce a Pengo image, I hadn’t but I have now…

Ever wondered what Street Fighter would look like in early 80’s 8 bit? 31 more words

More MS Paint Etch a Sketch

8-bit is definitely the easiest and most fun to try to reproduce…

My partner thought Mario was missing something.

Dig Dug looks it bit sketchy! 8 more words

Random Art: Sunday's Best For Getting Some Rest

Nothing to see here. Move along now. Git. Oh, and it’s not #LoveWins people. It SHOULD have been #LoveALWAYSWins because yeah, hate and the misguided opinions of the always wrong ones throughout history finally need to be shown for the insanity they are in this new century. 146 more words


One Way To Learn How To Paint Realistic Colours (Using MS Paint)

Earlier this year, there was a rather strange debate on the internet that you can read about in more detail here [warning – the linked article contains a disturbing image… 561 more words


Drawing some Desktop Icons by MS Paint

From left to right:

Windows Media Player, KM Player, Balabolka (the smiley thing with head-set, LOL), (I don’t know what the next one is), Mozilla Firebox, Google Chrome, Folder, Notepad, (and some photo thingy, LOL) 22 more words


This what i ended up doing while the internet was broken. Back to #oldschool #MSPaint


Poem part 2/8(?)

Judging by how I have set out my poem, there will be eight artworks in total. Six more to go! :D