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World Cup 2018: the group stage

So, the Group Stage of the World Cup is over. This chart shows each of the kits worn in those first 48 games. As you can see, red v white is popular. 518 more words



Guest comic today, courtesy of the hirsute Frank Punch!Tribute


It's that type of love

Would I give my life for her?
Would I sacrifice everything, for her?
Would I let my self be a puppet to her strings?
Would I trust her… with every god damn thing? 57 more words


The Russia World Cup, part one: Ronaldo, Messi, and that incredible amazing Nigeria shirt

“The World Cup starts next week!” I said last week to an American I know. I know quite a few Americans, what with living in California, and most of them are actually quite into the game they call soccer. 4,543 more words


Expressions of pain

Some drawings I made over a decade ago when I was 14. I hadn’t looked at them in several years, so it was interesting to see them again with somewhat fresh eyes. 53 more words