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Όταν οι μεγάλοι συζητούν παρέα...

Το παρόν post, είναι re-posting ενός άρθρου από το TechTarget.com και αφορά τις πρόσφατες συνομιλίες μεταξύ Dell & Microsoft για το μέλλον των PCs & των Windows 10 (φρέσκα πράγματα δηλαδή και διαλεχτά). 13 more words

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Shortcut with Function Key on Microsoft Surface Keyboard

Below are some shortcuts of Fn key on MS Surface Keyboard:

Up: Page Up
Down: Page Down
Left: Home
Right: End
Space: PrtScrn (only way to do a focused app shot using a blade is is Fn+Alt+Space) 24 more words



Let me preface this post by stressing how much I detest my MS Surface RT. I purchased the tablet less than a year ago with the misguided expectation that it could replace my laptop’s functionality. 1,036 more words

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Your camera roll backup to OneDrive may not be turned on automatically on the MS-Surface after all

  1. Swipe from the right, tab on “Settings”, “Change PC Settings”.
  2. On the next page in the left menu, tab on “OneDrive”, and check:
  3. Turn it on.
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How to connect an MS-Surface RT to the secure campus wireless

  1. This worked on a 1st generation Surface, but with Windows 8.1.
  2. No problem getting onto the UNCC49er network, but the Surface/Windows 8 is not supported on the NINERWifi-secure yet.
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9th Jan

Today I caught my cat using her cat tipi and built my bookcase. Now I’m listening Wednesdays folk show on my surface now it works and trying to figure out a new pattern for some mittens I want to make.


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There is one more of the Transformers we have neglected a little bit, and that is not Optimus Prime. We are so obsessed with the color available for the new iPad that we are missing the tremendous happenings in the Microsoft. 313 more words