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Bye-Bye Spontaneity

I’m a control freak! There, I’ve admitted it.  My husband will be pleased that I have finally done so, he’s been teasing me about it for ages.  1,061 more words


Step by Step, Habit by Habit

I am busy renewing my resolve, not that I have for a minute considered giving up, but I have slid back a bit on my enthusiasm. 609 more words

I Am Changing My Mind...

The title isn’t clickbait (well, maybe a little bit).

All of the things are interconnected. I keep writing that on these posts and it seems to be true. 2,218 more words

Top 50 MS symptoms you might not be aware of:

Multiple sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system (CNS) with symptoms that can affect almost anything from head to toes. The disease is so variable that no two people with MS are likely to have exactly the same combination of symptoms. 435 more words


So the steroids are finally gone. Not done, but gone from my body. Talk about thankful! The side effects of prednisone suck for my biological system. 152 more words


This Girl is on Fire

Hello 2018!!!

But more importantly, Hello to you party people!

I know, it’s been… a while. A LOT has happened. People have come. People have gone. 408 more words