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W3- Functions

“Functions are things that take in inputs, they do something, and maybe they give you back a value.” Functions are very helpful if you want to run a code with minor variations. 56 more words

W3 Using Color Variables Part 2

This tutorial was really interesting. It taught me how to break down the colors into the three elements of red, green, and blue. These are called ‘floats’. 45 more words

W3 - Using Color Variables

In this tutorial, I learned how to use color variables to improve my programming. Color variables are in a way very helpful if you are doing a program which involves the use of many different shapes and fills. 16 more words

W3 Mini Game

This was a very short and casual tutorial about making this mini flash game, where you have to drop a ball by pressing space in the middle of two walls. 140 more words

MSA summer camp registration deadline May 9

The Mississippi School of the Arts is hosting a summer camp for arts-minded students this summer.

The camp is open to high school students entering grades 8-10 in the fall of 2016, and offers training in the various arts disciplines, including creative writing, dance, theatre, vocal music and visual arts. 63 more words

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