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Study Questions

Protein Structure

1.  Why is it unfavorable to have a proline in the middle of an alpha helix but favorable to have one at the N-terminus? 6,300 more words


Single Molecule Fluorescence Microscopy

Single-molecule studies enable direct observations of:

  • Distributions of molecules’ properties
  • Reaction intermediates without synchronization
  • Reaction pathways connecting different states

The necessary components for single molecule spectroscopy are: 592 more words



Excitation and Emission

Each photon carries a fixed amount of energy.

E = hν = hc/λ

The visible spectrum range transitions electrons from ground to excited states, most frequent  681 more words


Mass Spectrometry

Mass-to-charge Ratio (m/z)

The basis in MS (mass spectrometry) is the production of ions, that are subsequently separated or filtered according to their mass-to-charge (m/z) ratio and detected. 849 more words




Why Use Electrons?

The maximum resolution given by visible light is ~300 nm and can be determined as follows:

Electrons are particles and waves, for which the wavelength can be determined as such: 453 more words