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Celebrating Africa Day and MSA's 15th Birthday

Today Monash South Africa celebrates its 15th birthday as well as Africa Day. Students are urged to come dressed in traditional clothing or something with an African twist. 282 more words

MSA: drawStack

Above is a code for creating this image, and the saved image above it. The important thing to note here is everything in the void draw(){ function. 73 more words


MSA: Typography

When using text, the main thing necessary is the text() function. In the parentheses, and further in speech marks, you type in what you want to be shown. 55 more words


MSA: Personal project

For my final project, I wanted to do something related to drawing, because I like to be artistic. I also wanted it to be interactive to make it more enjoyable. 239 more words


Processing - Final Project

After all these lesson it was time to close it up with a final project for MSA. I decided to take  different parts of the things we learned in this lesson and mash them up together to make into one final piece. 474 more words


MSA: For loops

Above is a script that utilises for loops with the result below it. FOR loops are an alternate way of writing loops, with the other being WHILE loops. 68 more words


MSA: Arrays

Arrays refer to structured grouping or an imposing number. In computer processing, data elements are stored with the name “array”. They’re numbered started with 0. The first element of a script with arrays  is at position [0], the second is at position [1] etc. 21 more words