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Generate Git Ignore file from the csproj file

Let’s say that you have a specific project that has a tonne of extra files that are automatically copied into it due to front end build tasks or similar.  435 more words

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Including Additional / Generated Files When Publishing a .Net Web Application

When you publish a .Net web app, you typically set up a publish profile, either to do an immediate build-and-publish, or to publish to a package for later deployment (eg. 738 more words


Publicar archivos que no están incluídos en el proyecto

Generalmente los proyectos de ClickOnce solamente permiten publicar archivos que son parte del proyecto. Pero en ocasiones es necesario publicar archivos que están ubicados en diferente parte, para realizar esto se puede hacer uso de los targets  289 more words


Connect VSTS Package Management to Octopus

As part of the Visual Studio Team Services offering, Microsoft have added a Package Management module. Though still only in preview mode, you are able to set up feeds and then publish NuGet packages either through NuGet command line or as a step in a Visual Studio build. 506 more words


.Net Web App Configuration with Parameters - Moving beyond web.config files

For any web application, you’ll typically want to configure your application for the different local, Dev, Test and Production environments. And you want all your building and deployment to be handled by your build server, which means anything you do needs to run using MsBuild, Powershell, command-line .exes, or whatever nice wrappers your build server provides. 1,709 more words


VS - Build Action, Copy to Output and Build Times


We have a solution with 100+ projects. Each time you build the solution, it rebuilds every project, even when nothing has changed. This is a huge time waster! 142 more words

How many builds?

I’m always amazed at the seemingly high pain threshold .net developers have when it comes to tooling. I’ve written before about the poor state of… 732 more words

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