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Compiling CUDA in command line

For getting acquainted to more unix based CUDA development, the following command line and related environment are found to works in the current Visual Studio based platform. 71 more words


Xây dựng hệ thống Continous Integration với Jenkins (phần 2)

Trong phần này mình tiếp tục giới thiệu với các bạn cấu hình Jenkins đối với các project C# nhé, sau bài này mình cũng sẽ giới thiệu đối với Java để Jenkins thực hiện automation test. 598 more words


Version store out of memory

In our current project we use Sql Server Data Tools (sqlproj) to put our database in source control. Recently we experienced random exceptions during loading and building the solution with multiple sql projects. 60 more words


CMake: A developer's journey

I love build tools, and CMake has great potential. The documentation and examples aren’t great though. Here’s my journey so far… 524 more words

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How to merge C# and VB.Net assemblies

Customization of MSBuild to add a “AfterBuild” to start ILmerge on referenced projects who have a:


Exbibit the power and extrem extensibility of MSBuild:  16 more words


Collections and $, @, % Variable References in MSBuild

A very useful and illuminating article:

MSBuild: PropertyGroup, ItemGroup, Item Metadata, and crazy $@% syntax

It also expertly articulates a common feeling:

It brings me great joy that the title of this blog post is both technically accurate and evokes the type of comic-book language I use when trying to figure out MSBuild variable syntax. 265 more words


Publishing with ClickOnce via Visual Studio and TFS 2015 (vNext)

ClickOnce equips your published application to be able to check for updates and to, optionally, do the update automatically. See this post for more information. 174 more words