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Use Strong Name Key on TeamCity for Digital Signature

We started using strong names for some of our assemblies. Strong named assemblies are assemblies, that get digitally signed with a strong name key to ensure its uniqueness (i.e. 325 more words


Choosing What Gets Deployed When Publishing A .Net Web Application

When you use MsBuild to package up a web application for publishing, you typically rely on the publishing profile, to manage either a “build and publish” or “build a package for later deployment” process (a .zip package is created either way). 262 more words


Tidying Up: Roslyn-Powered C# Reformation with CodeFormatter

Last Updated: 9/30/2016


Time and time again, developers inherit legacy applications and criticize a former team member’s coding style. “On which planet does this coding cowboy live where this incoherent sequence of characters is deemed acceptable?!?”, you indignantly mutter to yourself. 904 more words


Azure WebRole/WorkerRole definition file per configuration

When having multiple environments in Azure for WebRoles or WorkerRoles, it might not be neccesary to have the same performance everywhere. A testing environment, for example, usually has to handle a lot less work than an acceptance or production environment. 705 more words


MsBuild Version Gotchas - Better Building with MsBuild scripts and Build Servers

I recently ran into issues when upgrading an old codebase from the original setup (Visual Studio 2013 and the MsBuild tools v4.0) to use Visual Studio 2015, building through Team City on a new machine that only had VS2015. 1,087 more words


Configure Jenkins to build your .NET application and run tests

In this post, I will show you how to set up Continuous Integration using Jenkins to build your .NET application and run your tests. For this tutorial, I’ll be using Git as my source control and build a simple project I have created which contains a very basic test using Selenium WebDriver. 525 more words

Continuous Integration

Checking the Source Code of MSBuild

As we continue developing PVS-Studio static code analyzer, we often have to check large open-source projects by renowned developers. The fact that even such projects contain a certain amount of bugs adds even more sense and weight to our work. 1,957 more words