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msbuild cannot build visual studio setup projects - for real!

I had a funny experience today with msbuild and Visual Studio project type: setup package (vdproj).

In attempt to introduce a new solution to cruisecontrol.net (my clients choice, not mine) we encountered a situation when the build was green but no output media! 350 more words


MSTest Not Honoring [ExpectedException] Attribute

Our project (.NET 4.0) has grown over a period of time, and while we’re using VS2013 these days, many of the projects in our solution were created using Visual Studio 2010. 395 more words


MSBuild custom task and assembly locks

Hi folks

Sometimes you may want to perform some operations during build which are impossible or at least too difficult to perform using vanilla MSBuild. 307 more words

Discovering Web.configs for Deployments with MsBuild Custom Targets

My current job is working on a web application that needs a lot of configuration, and is deployed to multiple environments. We’re using web.config transforms to apply the configurations, but our build pipeline (Team City and MsBuild scripts) builds a deployment “package” as a release candidate, then a subsequent build step deploys (or redeploys) that package to test, staging and production environments (or doesn’t, if we don’t like the release candidate at any point). 1,054 more words

Continuous Integration

Automating Web Application Deployments to Azure with MsDeploy

We all know that having developers manually deploy code to test or production from their laptops is a really bad idea (wastes time, leads to unrepeatable “mystery” builds, hard to ensure you ship the approved and tested code, no traceability when things go wrong, etc.). 6,132 more words

Continuous Integration

Things I Wish I'd Known Earlier | Dr Dobb's

Like regular life, a programmer’s life is constant learning. And sometimes you’d wish you had known things earlier.

A few quotes from the article:

Test constantly while coding.

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Web.Config Transformation in Build : TFS

Usually web transformation will happen while we package/publish application.But in case if you need to have Transformation apply while building for a specific configuration  .Use the following approach… 100 more words