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Microsoft에서 visual studio community 2017 설치 파일을 다운 받아 설치한다.

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PCL 설치

1) AllInOne-msvc 설치

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Could not load file or assembly Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.15.0


Montando o pipeline de Build e Release automático de um projeto SharePoint Add-in (SharePoint App – SharePoint Online 365) descobri que não tem um template de tarefa de build no Visual Studio Online (VSTS). 324 more words

SharePoint - TroubleShoothing

Devenv Return code issue

Devenv is the command line utility for Visual studio to build projects and solutions.
Devenv Switches

With MSBuild, there is some compilation order issue for the project order in the solution file.So we need to use devenv when we face the issue. 297 more words


Harden Windows with AppLocker

AppLocker itself has several holes, the most obvious one seems to be MSbuild.exe, in this guide I show and explain what you can do about it. 1,091 more words


Understanding Microsoft Build System - Making use of Properties

In previous blog post, we discussed about the concept of properties in MSBuild schema. We also saw few project files samples and about reserved properties. 642 more words


Understanding Microsoft Build System - Properties

In one of the previous post, we discussed about the significance of MSBuild and how to download it. We have also seen the very basics of schema that is needed by MSBuild. 510 more words


Understanding Microsoft Build System - What is MSBuild

MSBuild is perhaps one of the most used but uncredited piece of technology. The Microsoft Build Engine or more known as MSBuild, is a platform for building applications. 678 more words