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Popular C# Open Source Projects that are "easy" to build

Often when I want to delve deeper into a C# open source project I clone it from GitHub and then attempt to build it in Visual Studio. 223 more words


MSBuild for Dummies

The following FAQ-style blog post are some notes I took from the Pluralsight course “Introduction to MSBuild” by David Starr.

What is MSBuild?

MSBuild is an interpreted programming language, popular in the .NET world because it’s the tool Visual Studio uses to build solutions. 769 more words


Writing a python build script for your Visual C++ project

If you’ve decided to write your own python build script for existing Visual Studio projects, then two questions would probably come up at first.

  1. What utility/commands are available for actually building *.sln/*.
  2. 99 more words

Using build events to create nuget packages

In this post I’ll show you how to automate the creation of nuget packages using Build Events in Visual Studio.

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Update Local Sitecore Site After Build

When we develop our Sitecore sites we want it to be as close as possible to the state of the site in production. Therefore, we create a local Sitecore site in our development machine pointing to a local DB that more or less is a clone of the live Sitecore site. 454 more words


Why Jenkins?

I suppose this could just as easily be “Why Continuous Integration?” or “Why Automated Build?” but for the purposes of this article I’m going to concentrate on why we chose to automatically build our solution; and we did this using, among other things, Jenkins. 1,181 more words


Azure Web App Deployment With MsDeploy and Powershell

For my first attempt at automating an Azure deployment process, I had some MsBuild wrap the calls to the MsDeploy.exe. This lets me have the build server (eg. 928 more words

Continuous Integration