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TeamCity 10 and ASP.NET MVC

I am new to team city and I read a book about it that describes how to build a java project using maven and use TeamCity to automate the build process. 205 more words


Setting up Habitat without having Visual Studio installed on server

Have you started checking Habitat architecture? If no, this is the best time to get started as Sitecore is evolving faster than it used to and customers are also asking competitive and best enterprise solutions. 749 more words


Continuous Integration and Delivery with Visual Studio Team Services (Part 1)

How easy it is to use TFS online (aka Visual Studio Team Services) to build, run unit tests and deploy a simple.Net MVC website into Azure websites? 681 more words


.NET Assembly Binding

99.999% of the time the framework loads assemblies seamlessly and transparently.  The other 0.001% of the time is so painful that it more than makes up for the rest.  434 more words

.NET Framework

| Jenkins – Build Configuration |


Configure Jenkins to build a project on demand, or whenever code is pushed to TFS, and archive (save) the artifacts (output).


This article is from a .NET development perspective – using a full Microsoft stack.   328 more words

Deploying Windows Service via MSBuild

There are multitude of ways a windows service can be deployed – using installutil utility, setup project, using WiX, custom installer, sc command… 1,095 more words

| Jenkins - Installation and Setup |

What / Why?

Jenkins is Build Automation server software.  It’s the defacto standard for Continuous Integration (CI).  Any serious development team consisting of more than one person, should have a Jenkins server setup. 274 more words