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adding an existing file as a link in visual studio

Testing is an essential phase in the software development life cycle. I almost dare to say that no software or application(web or desktop) was ever released without testing it first. 661 more words


Integration of GitHub with Jenkins

GitHub and Jenkins Integration on Windows 10
Here I am going to list down the steps which basically helps to any person who is trying to setup GitHub and Jenkins on Window 10 environment very first time- 735 more words

My Technical View

A Journey of Purely Static Linking

As I mentioned last time, I found Microsoft has really messed up its console Unicode support when the C runtime DLL (as versus the static runtime library) is used. 1,036 more words


Intellisense for MSBuild proj files in Visual Studio 2017 (csproj net core)

This is a must have tool for vs2017, you can install it directly from visual studio extensions and it’s called “Project File Tools“. 7 more words

Visual Studio

Continuous integration with Atlassian Bamboo

The continuous integration is a frequent theme in the application development, expecially in the projects with many developers involved that work on differents components of the application. 680 more words


[Tip] Python snippet increases the UWP product version

If you have a C# project and want to manage the assembly version info during automation build process such as the msbuild with Jenkins, then two options are available: 49 more words


Deploy a .NET project with powershell and git

In this topic I want to share my experience in writing a powershell script to compile and publish a .NET project.

I use Git and a GitHub repository, so in my mind the script should restore the nuget packages, build the project with MSBuild, take the last tag (version) from the master branch of the GitHub repository and apply (if valid) the version found in the tag in the project assembly. 791 more words