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CNN Bias & Manipulation Exposed For All To See

For those who still believe that they are a credible, unbiased news source, Tucker plays undercover audio (courtesy of Project Veritas) of CNN’s own ‘dear leader’, doing his best to personally disabuse any remaining doubters of that notion.

Tucker Carlson: CNN’s bias exposed


ABC caught pretending gun range video was Syria bombing the Kurds

  It has been interesting to watch the anti-war Democrats of the Obama era morph into war-mongers since Donald Trump became the President in 2016. The latest example of this came in the wake of the President’s announcement he was pulling a few dozen troops out of Syria.  372 more words


At Some Point Joe Biden And His Son Hunter Are Going To Have To Answer Some Hard Questions On Their Ukraine Dealings

If you want to see first hand the corruptness of the radical left socialist Democratic Party and the mainstream media one needs to look no further as to how President Trump has been treated on the corruptness of Ukraine and compare it to the Biden family. 578 more words

The Upside Down World Part 2

Continuing thoughts that I began yesterday…
We are living in a world of make believe where truth is turned on its head. We are made to accept lies and to believe what is clearly utter fantasy, even though our senses tell us something else. 298 more words


Tweetstorm on Social Media Control

by: Jaffer Ali

1) Can oligarchs maintain control without control of institutions? In ancient Greece, oligarchs controlled public spaces and would censor people by banning them from those spaces to isolate their voice. 372 more words

MSM Feminist, Gasbag Bitches Reveal Plan to "Impeach" Trump AND Pence, Install PIGLosi

MSM Feminist, Gasbag Bitches Reveal Plan to “Impeach” Trump AND Pence, Install PIGLosi

It never ends with the CommieCrat bastards.  NON STOP turmoil.

Im not even a ‘ra ra ra’ Trump person but what these bitches are talking about is treasonous.  

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