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Jeff Danziger: Headless

A fitting image of the departure of Fox News boss Roger Ailes, the victim of a flurry of sexual harassment allegations from a brilliant syndicated… 185 more words


Are Your Opinions Crafted by Foreign Powers? | Jerry Robinson - YouTube

Reluctant Preppers

So you’ve wakened up to the blatant malpractice of the mainstream media suppressing truth we need to know, ignoring vital threats, selectively spinning the scripted narrative, and actively distracting us with questionable sideshows from what’s really going on and jugular to our future… But do you know the specific foreign nation’s elite who are pulling the strings that shape the hearts and minds of the masses, and what is the motivation behind the incontravertible evidence of mass media collusion, with full backing and complicity of the US government? 70 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

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Newcomer Media and it's Affect on Millenials

Mainstream media (MSM) has been vigorously challenged by newcomer media since the turn of the century – especially when it comes to reach.  Forms of mainstream media include newspapers, broadcast television (specifically older networks like CBS, ABC, PBS), and radio; of which slowly but surely are losing their influence amongst the population.   313 more words


Time, Fortune, CBS, CNN Shills on Overdrive. Trying to Drown out Marcia Fudge's Disastrous Speech. (Video)

A Longer video of the new DNC Leader’s speech.  Boos all around, while the newly appointed officers  smile. Fake smiles certainly.


Bernie Fans Boo Sanders

One Bernie fan pleads “Don’t Bernie Dooooooon’t.” Bernie stopped in his tracks. Crowd then chants “We want Bernie!”