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'Revenge? Bollocks.' Why Khan/Burnham really 'cut' from Labour Conference

The mainstream press has been reporting that London Mayor Sadiq Khan and his Manchester counterpart Andy Burnham have been ‘cut’ from the speakers’ programme at Labour’s annual Conference in Brighton: 344 more words

Why MSM is so very dangerous

Main Street Media (MSM) is extremely dangerous. I make no apologies for this statement. Many on the right already know this, but events of late have devolved to such an incongruent low there may be no recovery. 808 more words


Confederate statues and monuments actually a Woman’s movement

Would you believe that confederate statues and monuments actually started as a Woman’s movement? No you will not hear that from MSM or read it in the recent Yahoo column by… 958 more words


Truth and Propaganda

In the days before the printing press, and for a long time after, information was controlled by a minuscule group of people, who because of their monopoly were able to wield almost complete control over the beliefs of the general populace. 234 more words


Huffington Post goes racist on resignation of Steve Bannon: 'Goy, Bye!'

The shocking news came this morning that Steve Bannon, President Trump’s White House Chief Strategist and former CEO of Breitbart credited with helping Trump win the 2016 election, had resigned two weeks ago, on August 7. 362 more words