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Questions Plague PRINCE DEATH Investigation

 Prince’s eye ring and pyramid symbol of the Illuminati.

Following the April 21st discovery of Prince’s dead body in his studio-residence, the MSM have bounced back and forth on various theories. 336 more words

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Big Agra claims an editorial cartoonist’s job

The United States has a government run of, by, and for the interest of corporations and banksters, and mainstream media held so deeply in their thrall that freedom of the press has become irrelevant. 255 more words


Blood on the newsroom floor. . .another death

There are layoffs, the usual these days in the newspaper business, and another tragedy, a death.

No, not the death of an individual, but of a newspaper, a community insitution. 299 more words


Key Population Hero: Who is afraid of HIV?

Written by Mario Schauer, founder of Rompiendo el Tabú

I was born in Honduras, a country identified as predominantly conservative and traditionalist. A country where people have to learn about human sexuality along the way and not in textbooks. 546 more words

Key Population Heroes

¿Miedo al VIH?

Escrito por Mario Schauer, fundador de Rompiendo el Tabú

Nací en Honduras, un país predominantemente conservador y tradicionalista, donde la educación sobre la sexualidad humana es algo que se debe aprender en el camino y no en textos. 610 more words

Key Population Heroes


I have always maintained that Movie Score Media is one of the very few soundtracks labels in recent years that actually listens to collectors and their customers when it comes to releasing film scores. 725 more words



Why is it that when going to the grocery store there is no signs for toilet paper? It is called according to their signs “Bath Tissue” . 326 more words