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REVELATION: WHISTLEBLOWER Reveals CNN Is Paid To Give Favorable Coverage To Tyrants

Amber Lyon, a previous CNN journalist, says tyrant administrations including Bahrain pay the news network  to provide favorable coverage and censor its content.

Reporter Amber Lyon Turned Whistleblower… 126 more words

Corrupt Libs

Donald Trump bans CNN, The New York Times, and Politico from press briefing

 The mainstream media is up in arms because Donald Trump banned CNN, Politico, and The New York Times from a press briefing earlier today. CNN  782 more words


Bannon: Corporatist MSM Opposed to Economic Nationalist Agenda of Pres. Trump!

Speaking to the CPAC conference yesterday Chief WH Strategist Steve Bannon delivered a powerhouse message to gathered conservatives and his main message was that the MSM’s daily war on President Trump will continue unabated but the Trump administration will continue forward. 295 more words


Intolerance I: Who are America’s worst terrorists?

This is the first of two offerings on intolerance.

President Pussygrabbers seized the White House at the end of a campaign designed to rouse racist fears in a masterful act of misdirection, shifting blame for the very real pains of his grass roots base away from the real culprits — people like Trump himself — onto alien Others. 1,323 more words


A damning leak ignites another TrumpTantrum™

Two Associated Press stories reveal a classic case of abusive arrogance.

A leak reveals TrumpTeamTalks™ with Russian spooks

You really can’t fault Vladimir Putin if, as seems increasingly likely, he asked his former comrades in Russian foreign intelligence to see if they could find a friendlier ear in Washington. 374 more words


Dear President Trump

Just a simple request. Please do not let the Media, Entertainment Industry or Liberal Activists make you back away or water down what you know needs to be done. 59 more words

MSNBC Host: It's Our Job to Control What People Think - YouTube

Mark Dice

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski, co-host of ‘Morning Joe’ complains about President Trump’s efforts to “undermine the media” and “control what people think” saying that’s the media’s job

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies