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Reckless BBC publishes names and addresses of protestors

The frequency, scale and nature of attacks on the ‘new left media’ (NLM) are escalating.

Last month, BBC Chair Sir David Clementi made a barely-veiled and misdirected… 598 more words

Hey, the MSM Has the Straight Scoop for You on the Stock Rally!

Did you know that it is safe to stop worrying about Brexit and the Hurricanes (and let’s not forget Rocket Boy)? Corporate earnings are just fine! 160 more words


Meanwhile in real news, May's EU 'concession' is meaningless

While the Tories and their media throw around fake news and faux outrage, they’re busy trying to slip through yet more fake while people are distracted. 337 more words

This is what Tyranny looks like

Our Glorious 5th Estate is so focused on Trump’s insults to the grieving families of our soldiers that they’re ignoring why those soldiers died in the first place. 446 more words

National Politics

Please support the SKWAWKBOX

The SKWAWKBOX has become one the most influential of the ‘new left media’, attacked and copied in roughly equal measure by mainstream media and journalists and with a significant impact on the UK’s political narrative, as well as bringing Labour Party supporters information they wouldn’t otherwise know about. 137 more words

SRCWO Propaganda Alert: Discovery channel airs three-part documentary on Xi's ideas, visions on governance

SINGAPORE, Oct. 16 (Xinhua) — A three-episode documentary focusing on Chinese President Xi Jinping‘s ideas and visions on governance finished its premiere show on U.S. 275 more words

Racism in America

I always find the word ‘Racism’ to be such an empty word because according to the KKK racists DNC Donkeys on the left and the lying MSM it is only a one way street, only white conservatives can be racists. 943 more words