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The MSNBC Conundrum

In a must reaad, the AP’s David Bauder (I presume it’s Bauder…as usual this went out uncredited) writes about MSNBC and its challenges. I want to quote the whole damn thing but that would be wrong. 197 more words


MSNBC: Nothing Says "Let's Go Kill Some Muslims" Like Country Music

It’s common knowledge by now that MSNBC is a joke and is only relevant as a network when other networks are reporting on how hopelessly biased it is. 326 more words


Chuck Todd on Iran Nuclear Deal

Via WFB, nice to see a Democrat like MSDNC’s Chuck Todd admit the truth for once – ‘Only Gives Iran More Opportunity to Flex Muscle and Get Stronger’.


'How do I unsee this?' Chris Hayes' vacation dance horrifies [Vine]

There’s really no way to intro this, so here ya go:

About to have a week off #shmoneydance https://t.co/tCLSDvHlNp

— Christopher Hayes (@chrislhayes) March 27, 2015…

264 more words

Saudi Arabia, Egypt May Lead Ground Operation In Yemen


Saudi Arabia launched airstrikes in Yemen on Wednesday as part of a military offensive against Houthi rebels in the country, states Slate. A ground invasion could follow, states MSNBC. 93 more words


Some Homeless Palestinian Gazans Live In Bombed-Out Buildings, Shelters


According to YNet News, aid agencies struggling to shelter thousands of Gazans made homeless by war have resorted to building makeshift temporary homes out of metal due to Israeli restrictions on imports into the coastal territory. 125 more words


MSNBC graphic about what happened aboard Germanwings FL 4U9525 called an 'epic piece of dumb'

The investigation into the crash of Germanwings flight 4U9525 has focused on the plane’s co-pilot, who, according to French prosecutors, was at the controls and intentionally descended while the pilot was locked out of the cockpit. 210 more words