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MSNBC noted for 'spectacular botching' of headline on Pope Francis and abortion

Maybe it was just wishful thinking clouding the judgment of the journalists at MSNBC, but yesterday’s headline about Pope Francis was downright misleading. “Pope says priests can allow this catholic sin,” read the headline. 314 more words


MSNBC: Email ‘Looks Like' Hillary Used Position to Guide Business to Clinton Foundation

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host Mika Brzezinski stated it “looks” as though Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton used her position as Secretary Of State to guide business to the Clinton Foundation, 187 more words

Queen Hillary

 Excerpts from a recent speech:

As you know, my dear people, the last year for me has been an annus horribilus.  The Royal House of Clinton has been tormented by questions about our handling of finances and subjected to tiresome questions about the tragic events in… 325 more words


Oh my! Hillary's E-mail story just gets more interesting

Last night at 9 pm, more than 7,000 new Hillary Clinton e-mails were released.

Let’s start with Chuck Todd:

Whether Hillary “knowingly” sent classified e-mails is not the only question arising from this latest batch of e-mails, in fact a new issue, one the voters can easily comprehend has been brought to light: 60 more words


NYT's Barro: 'Massive' Gun Grab Only Way To Impact Violent Crime


Give Josh Barro credit for candor. When it comes to guns, the New York Times correspondent makes no bones about the kind of draconian, Second Amendment-defying approach he thinks is necessary. 79 more words


MSNBC Originals: The Umbrella Movement

Me and eight of my peers at the University of Hong Kong were commissioned to film a 22-minute documentary about the Umbrella Movement protests in the city for MSNBC originals. 172 more words

Sleeping through Rev. Al

Time to address cable news, starting at the bottom.

Of course, that’s MSNBC, where Brian Williams is coming aboard to report on “breaking news.” In the offices at 30 Rock, hosts of low-rated prime-time shows (that would be all of them) are nervous. 266 more words