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Never Trust White Liberals

Rachel Maddow interview with Howard Stern reveals a nasty side of white liberals. When she was trying to rise up and build a career. She would used “minority cause” like working for ACLU to build up her profile. 1,005 more words

MSNBC's Phony 'Rightward' Tilt

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Hugh Hewitt is getting his own show.  He joins a few so-called conservatives with this announcement.  However, most of the hosts at MSNBC that may be considered Republican (or conservative) are NeverTrumpers. 89 more words


Stevieslaw: The world we live in.

Stevieslaw: The world we live in.

I imagine MSNBC spent the night barking the news that the Health Care bill was likely to fail to pass the Senate. 112 more words


Sean Hannity Mocks 'Morning Joe Meltdowns' While Offering To Fund Therapy For The 'Unhinged' Duo

Sean Hannity has no problem with President Trump’s recent rally comment about how he selected wealthy people for certain cabinet jobs because doesn’t want a “poor person.” That’s no surprise, nor is it even remotely shocking that he’s disgusted with how the… 241 more words

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'Morning Joe' Host Joe Scarborough Releases an Album: Here's What It Sounds Like

“It’s one of the great tragedies of my political life that Democrats get all the great musicians,” Joe Scarborough has said. Well, if the Dems stole rock and roll, the party of Lincoln is here to steal it back, now that the MSNBC host and former congressman is finally releasing his debut EP, “Mystified,” containing the first five of 400 songs Scarborough promises or threatens to release on a monthly basis in the coming years. 747 more words


The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell (2017.06.22) - The Trump Tapes

In this episode of The Last Word, Lawrence O’Donnell continues to discuss the Russia Trump collusion theory and more.