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Crazy as a three dollar bill

This one was uttered by J.C. Watts on the MTP (Meet the Press) Daily show on MSNBC.  It is a nice mash up of “crazy as a loon” (insane) and “phony (or queer) as a three dollar bill” (bogus).   49 more words


MSNBC Ranks as No. 1 Cable Network in Total Viewers for First Time Ever

MSNBC ranked as the number one network across all of cable in total viewers for the first time in its history, according to Nielsen data. 413 more words


Racist Guy Pretending to be "notRacist" and Doxxing NeoNazis Gets His Own Patreon Banned

Oh the Irony

This is his twitter activity. He claims to not be a racist yet he targets only a specific group based on skin color. 33 more words


Mainstream Media Can't Book Republicans To Come Onto Their Shows

It’s the day after Trump’s terrible press conference and MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News are struggling to book Republicans to come onto their show. High profile news anchors on mainstream media kept on mentioning throughout the day that they are struggling to get Republicans to come onto their show to talk about Trump’s “both sides” comment. 28 more words


US strategy: what's really happening with North Korea and China

Last week, a media frenzy ensued over President Donald Trump’s words about North Korea.

Here is MSNBC’s Brian Williams on the subject. From August 9, 2017: 1,741 more words


The Blame Game

My MIL Ada likes to listen to Rachel Maddow before falling asleep, and as much as I love Rachel myself, I just can’t do it. She would keep me awake all night with worry. 612 more words

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