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President Obama takes on 'Trumpism,' reaches out to disaffected Republicans - MSNBC

It’s been a few hours since I saw President Obama give that amazing speech to the Democratic National Convention. The thing that I remember the most about the speech what’s the fact he made such a point of that we are a nation that can work together. 175 more words

Melissa Harris-Perry on Bernie Sanders Booing, Not Watching MSNBC

Liberal writer and professor Melissa Harris-Perry is covering this year’s Democratic National Convention for Elle and BET. She spoke to Variety about the booing on the convention floor from Bernie Sanders supporters, and why she doesn’t… 466 more words


Trump’s Speech Nabbed 32 Million Viewers on Broadcast and Cable TV

The Republican National Convention closed up shop last Thursday, concluding with the lengthy nomination acceptance speech by presidential hopeful Donald Trump. All three broadcast networks—ABC, CBS and NBC—as well as Fox News Channel, CNN and MSNBC and other affiliated… 225 more words


CNN Tops DNC Day 2 Ratings, Viewership Way Up From RNC Day 2

With CNN on top again, the second night of the 2016 Democratic Convention drew 24.30 million viewers across the broadcasters and cable newers. As former President Bill Clinton dominated the celebrity heavy 10 – 11:15 PM slot, that’s a dip of 6% in overall viewers or 1.567 million total viewers from Night 1 of the DNC shindig in the Philadelphia. 254 more words

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Rachel Maddow: Trump's hidden tax returns take on new significance - MSNBC

Could it be that President Putin hurt Donald Trump by releasing the DNC emails? That’s what’s going around the news media. Rachel brings up a very good point that the news media is going to put a lot more pressure on Trump to prove that he doesn’t have ties with Russia. 261 more words

CNN Clobbers Competition On Day 1 Of DNC Ratings

CNN overtook MSNBC to rank No. 1 in both total viewers and in the news demo on the first night of the DNC.

But the process of nominating the first female candidate for POTUS by one of the major political parties, and the internecine squabbling in the convention hall (and the leaked DNC emails) was of interest to Fox News Channel viewers as well. 355 more words


Bernie Won: What Bernie Didn't Say That You Need To Understand

My thoughts and observations after watching the Democratic National Convention last night.

I have so many friends, especially in Indian Country, who are bitterly disappointed that Bernie Sanders will not be the Democratic Nominee for President. 779 more words