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On Subjects Rachel Maddow Won't Touch with a Ten-Foot Pole

I remember when Rachel Maddow of MSNBC wrote this opinion piece, informing us that the administration of George W. Bush did nothing to cultivate a deep bench of Republican leadership prospects. 799 more words

Rachel Maddow - Are The News Gods Testing Your Capacity For Outrage?


Ever have a day when it seems there isn’t much new going on in the news? Then – BAM – MSNBC or another group weeds out six stories that show a lot is going on.   278 more words


Appearing To be Drunk, Bill Murray Crashes MSNBC (HILARIOUS VIDEO)

Bill Murray Crashes MSNBC – While Drunk?

After Bill Murray’s “Late Night with David Letterman” appearance on Tuesday, the comedian stopped by MSNBC’s “Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” to say hello to the political commentator. 21 more words


Democrats Can't Name One Hillary Accomplishment As Secretary Of State (VIDEO)

This actually aired on MSNBC yesterday morning, it’s got to be really embarrassing for them, I’m surprised these people weren’t coached, but then again, there’s nothing to coach. 128 more words


WATCH: Drunk Bill Murray Falls Off Chair After Letterman Show!

After his appearance as the final guest on David Letterman’s farewell show, a drunk Bill Murray decided to crash the MSNBC studio and he took a slow motion tumble off the chair! WATCH:


MSNBC's Morning Joe Goes Ballistic (AGAIN)

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What we have next is the very reason I gave up on watching MSNBC’s Morning Joe.   381 more words