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Difficulty transitioning?

I currently live in Central Florida, a great place to live if you love warm beaches, sunshiny days, and being around veterans. With one of the highest veteran populations in the nation, it is not uncommon for a news story to appear on veterans issues. 655 more words

Veteran Woman

The Trigger Word

Trauma experiences are very real and the symptoms stemming from these events are nothing to make fun of; however, the word “trigger” has lately been mocked in the media and via many social forums . 688 more words


Back to the basics

Having PTSD has taught me numerous and countless lessons in my life so far but the ones I have the most problems fixing or correcting seem like they should be the simplest to overcome. 686 more words


Communication in the Social Media Age

There was a time when I was a young sailor that had seen many injustices to myself and to others. During this time in my life I began a relationship with someone I loved and valued deeply; as a friend. 800 more words


You are not alone

I decided to start this blog so that I would have a safe space for me and others to tell their stories of the past. I have learned that the more I open up to others outside my comfort zone, it only ends up leading to isolation. 1,048 more words


Merry Christmas Eve (Update)

December 24, 2016

First off, I would like to deeply apologize for not uploading for four months (oops). Both Yang and I have been incredibly busy with school and I don’t want two of my posts in a row (not that I’m blaming yang for not uploading). 515 more words


My story...

Training itself wasn’t bad. Typical f*ck-f*ck games, rucking everywhere, only having to pee after DS (Drill Sergeant)  gave last call. Made it through with very little issues. 3,162 more words