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What is being brave?

One of my friends looked at me

And told me, “When are you going to know that

You are brave? You are facing the demons that… 158 more words

Minimum Spanning Tree

A spanning tree T of a connected, undirected graph G is a tree composed of all the vertices and some (or perhaps all) of the edges of G.   851 more words

Competitive Programming

What is the point of continuing to heal? What is the point of being mindful? What is the point of reaching out and talking about the trauma’s I have been through? 384 more words

Rest, Relax, Breathe

I have decided to take a step back from advocating. I am emotionally exhausted, triggered and have been going to therapy two times a week. Also, have been doing Reiki to help with my energy levels. 105 more words

Shine Your Light

In life there are many things that

Need light shined on them.

In my darkness you shine your light,

In my pain you shine your light, 161 more words