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Emerging from the Mist with Marbles

I have been traveling through a dark mist for a long time.

That’s what it feels like, being in therapy. For me, at least. But then, I am naturally drawn to analysis and drama – Virgo Sun, Leo Rising – a clear indication for those of you who follow astrology that this blog is going to be all about my critical analysis of me. 1,804 more words


Quick! Everybody under the desk!

CW: Aftermath of SA, related triggers.

Fuck.  I haven’t pinpointed for certain what I did wrong to cause this round of hell.  Deep down, I suspect I know, but the reason pisses me off.   706 more words


Rainy trip from Bald to Mountain to Sea home

It was one of these days where you are not really sure if it is a good idea to actually start the hike. Rainy and really did not look like it would clear up at all. 65 more words


Mountain to Sea - Bearpen to Haywood Gap and back

Back to hiking after a little break. Wanted to get back to the Mountain to Sea Trail (MST). I think that I have got it figured out – this trail – well at least in the mountains is really a “goat path”. 82 more words


Samsung banks on Samsung Pay as key telecom differentiator

Technology news

At a time when nearly 200 telephone handset brands have decimated the importance of hardware features, market leader Samsung is raising the pitch with its patented Samsung Pay service. 158 more words


Sorry to burst your bubble so early on but this post doesn’t have anything to do with Freak Nasty.

There will be absolutely no discussion of twerking, bouncing, bumping, jigglin’, or getting low on the ground.

647 more words
Peace Corps

The Boat Pocket Incident

This was the first incident I analyzed in addressing PTSD issues.  Please have a read.

The Boat Pocket Incident
This really messed me up. I was probably 5-6 months out of boot camp, CDR. 731 more words