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to me myself and i.

the month of April has been by far, the most challenging month which stretched my emotional and mental capacity to a new high. i felt so suffocated that i had to force myself to take a week’s break from work to recover from the indescribable level of fatigue that wore my heart and head out, literally. 197 more words


Big Girls and Boys Can ALL Cry

Someone had a meltdown earlier in the day. And there were A LOT of tears. For a moment I thought I would be a single 31 year old woman, living out of a van. 691 more words

State of Waste 2016 – current and future Australian trends

By Mike Ritchie – Director, MRA Consulting Group

On 16 February 2016, the Australian population reached 24 million people. Waste generation rates are a function of population growth, the level of urbanisation and per capita income… 3,039 more words


The End and Beginning

Supposedly, if things go as they are supposed to, today is the last day of uncertainty. The last day of being suspended in the unknown. It is uncomfortable not to know, but at least there is hope. 760 more words

Mental Health

CSWE Distance Education Conference 2016

This year, Program Director, Rachel Forbes, presented at the CSWE Distance Education Conference.  The Conference was the second of its kind and was held in Indianapolis, IN.   99 more words

I nominate 5 awesome blogs for the Monday music and words award

It is not Monday but I have been nominated for  the coolest award .


The lovely Art by Robert Goldstein… 453 more words


Life... Is weird...

So far 2016 has been… Interesting to say the least, and so far not my year.  With my separation that began last year, the attempted blackmailing by my ex in January, to the car accident that totaled my car just two days after I had paid $1,000 for maintenance after my circuit board and fuel pump went out.  441 more words

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