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Hey beautiful people!

So, graduation was last weekend, and what a weekend it was. Up until graduation day, I made sure all my family and friends had a smooth arrival and that everyone knew the agenda for the weekend. 1,229 more words

I went to graduate school, and all I got was a new passion....

At the end of this week, I meet a long-held goal; I graduate with a Masters in Social Work.  The dream has not revolved around the degree as much as the fact that the degree allows me to work in the mental health field.   1,153 more words


MakingStarWars.net’s Now This is Podcasting Ep. 178 Mother Proxima Jump the Gun

On This Episode…

Randy, Jason, and Sal talk Episode IX release date, Han Solo character names, Luke’s accessories, creatures of Ahch-To, and MiniPodPeople!

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Star Wars

Goodbye, North Hall

When I was a BSW student here at Iowa, I was a passive member of the Social Work Student Association. In my time as a part of that organization, they did some really cool things, like fundraising, social events, selling apparel, and addressing social justice issues. 711 more words

Political Action

Regarding Making Star Wars and Time Travel

Since posting our article regarding Mike Zeroh‘s 100% legitimacy, we’ve received a mountain of emails from readers who are wondering “If Jason Ward from… 171 more words

The End of my MSW Semester

April 6, 2014

It’s a Wednesday night. Scractch that. It’s actually Thursday morning at 12:21 AM. I should be sleeping but I was just in the process of racking my brain–looking back at how far I’ve come. 1,749 more words


MakingStarWars.net’s Now This is Podcasting Ep. 175: As a Person...

On This Episode…

Randy, Jason, and Sal talk The Last Jedi casting, Cinemacon sizzle, Force tree, new AT-ATs, and pod people!!

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Star Wars