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Negotiating Breakups and Renewals in On-Again/Off-Again Dating.

Relationships happen. Maybe you find a client that has an “on/off” relationship, or maybe you find yourself in one, I think they’re pretty normal. At my previous internship, my preceptor was all about “normalizing” issues or concerns in therapy. 190 more words

A little Lenten update

Good snowy day readers,

My day has mostly consisted of diligently working on a clinical Practice paper that’s due in about a week and starting to ponder a Loss and Greif assignment. 562 more words


Tax Debt Enforcement, Social Experiment.

I have this growing interest and fascination with the power of peer pressure. Social workers have a core value outlined in their Code of Ethics… 193 more words

What does the QLD election mean for waste?

By Mike Ritchie, Director MRA Consulting Group.

The QLD election has seen the ALP achieve one of the biggest swings in Australia’s political history. ALP QLD has officially secured 44 seats, giving it the required number to form a minority government. 613 more words


Things have a way of turning around...

There’s been a lot of gloom and doom in my posts lately, and as I had a pretty great day at the hospital yesterday, and nothing but good things have been happening today, I felt compelled to make it known that getting your Master’s in social work isn’t ALL stress and depression and freaking out, etc.   883 more words

Fitting In On Campus: Challenges for First Generation Students

I submitted my thesis to the library yesterday. Status: Awaiting approval. It was a cross-sectional quantitative study on a mentoring program for First Generation Students. And then there was this: WEB LINK.

Hat Season.

I have always said that I am not really a “hat person.” My facial structure and hats just don’t look right together. But I’m wrong, … 296 more words