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I’m starting this blog because my husband thinks it’s a good idea. No, really. He’s a Speech-Language Pathologist who is starting up his own blog. In the world of SLP, the blogs are few and far between. 77 more words


I’ve come to realize that being a social worker requires the ability to let the world constantly chip away at you every day. And a social worker’s whole life is to make sure that they have a strong enough shield to not completely deteriorate.. 23 more words



Hey! I assume you came from this post to address the asterisk found there. Well, I will address the awkward conversation a social worker or future social worker may have (or has had) when you have to professionally burst a non-social workers bubble.  278 more words


Three Months In

Wow. It’s been three months since the beginning of my adventure. I didn’t want to start posting so soon, because I needed the time to acclimate and find peace in my new routine. 299 more words


Figuring It Out

About a month ago when I was in the thick of training for my new job my mantra was I will figure it out. This stuff was new, it was okay that I did not know how to do it, AND I was confident that I would figure it out. 686 more words


In a meeting with my field advisor today, he talked to me about the concept of detachment. I had heard of the word before but did not know exactly what it was. 391 more words


Let's catch up!

Happy Monday Everyone!

A lot has happened since I last sat down and wrote my last blog post. For starters I graduated with my MSW and then 5 days later I got on a plane and left for India and Nepal. 129 more words