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Ashley Madison Scandal Exposes Cheating Epidemic.

I’m at the age where I have dated, and have been burned. Fortunately I come from a family where my parents are happily married for 35+ years and both are the ideal definition of loyal and faithful. 564 more words

I just survived grad school...and a torn quad...and an ulu attack

Well, I am back! I just crawled out of my cave known as grad school. I have this on-going list of all of the things I have wanted to blog about, but never got the time to do. 445 more words


Embarrassed for Fox News.

Searching for a trusting news source can be a process, one that should involve well spent time and research. If you’re currently undecided or want to simply (and quickly) eliminate one, here is a 6 minute video of Fox News’ historical sexist comments:  39 more words

Decriminalizing Sex Work.

While driving “out-in-the-field” a few weeks ago, I heard a snippet of this issue on NPR. They had a former sex worker, who now does advocacy work, speaking on the issue of decriminalizing sex work. 273 more words

Life or Meth.

If you listen to NPR, you may have HEARD that the latest focus on substance use is on opiates. To be honest, last summer when I was taking a break from my part-time job (tanning), I watched CSPAN (?) and they had the heads from SAMHSA, DEA, FBI, NMHI, and a few other key people discussing this very problem, which simply put, explains how prescription opiates are the gateway drugs to heroin. 237 more words


For the past few years, I’ve been taking psychology courses, to see if I liked them, and to work towards applying to a PhD or PsyD program in psychology. 853 more words


Dear Youtube, Thank you. Love, Me.

So you’re like me? You pay for the internet (which should be free, it’s 2015, meh….) and you don’t get tv. Apparently the Republican Presidential Debate was for those who can afford (the money and the time for) tv channels. 71 more words