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Food waste to Energy: The Business and Technology pt2

In my previous blog post, I gave a comprehensive insight about the concept of food waste and food loss, a food waste situation in one of the foodstuffs hub in Lagos,Nigeria, the impact of food waste to the environment plus the innovative ideas businesses and entrepreneurs are coming up with to reduce the emission of 1.9 tC02 eq/t for every ton of food wasted. 699 more words


More on Self-Care

Yesterday was a “long day.” Many of my days have been “long days” since I have been put on full rotation . The life of an Emergency Response social worker in Child Protective Services is demanding, high stress, dangerous at times, and incredibly rewarding. 949 more words

"So, do you work for the government?"

…And other interesting, but not surprisingly common, responses I get when I tell people I am a social worker:


Nerding Out on Pot Research.

I love that I took research methods in grad school. In fact, research methods was one of my favorite classes. Yeah, it was tedious work and I did not get one hundred percent on things, but I learned how to read research articles. 489 more words

New Chapters Await

I had the privilege of taking two of my good friends graduation photos.  Top photo is Anna who graduated with her B.S. in Family Resources. Bottom photos is Camille who has graduated with her M.S.W. 22 more words



I am going to miss President Obama. He is sending some words to public schools about people going to the bathroom. Apparently Republicans think that males are perverts and potential rapists, especially while going to the restroom. 42 more words

Herstory Stuff

This isn’t a feminist post but I thought I would empower women a bit. Some may categorize this post under “HIStory,” but we are here, on  115 more words