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Book Review: Feed by M.T. Anderson

In this media-obsessed era, it’s not difficult to imagine a near-future dystopia where everyone is connected to the feed. The feed is a constant stream of information, telling you what to buy, listen to, invest in, believe in. 620 more words


Lost Communication in a Completely Connected World

My iPhone is ringing. There’s the briefest moment of distaste upon the realization that it is someone who could have easily texted instead, thereby avoiding my having to actually take the time to speak to the person. 1,053 more words

Science & Tech

Modern Fiction - February 13, 2017

Book Talk

*Feed by M.T. Anderson

-Reading Time

*Spend 40 minutes reading during class

+Cell phones need to be put away

+Laptops should be closed… 115 more words

Modern Fiction

Imagining Life Before the Internet

My 7th and 8th graders have begun reading Feed, a YA novel by M.T. Anderson set in a futuristic dystopian society where an advanced version of the internet (called a “feed”) has been implanted in the brains of most citizens, allowing them constant and continual access. 325 more words

Titus - In My Own Words

Sup Zorks?

I’m Titus, and to you guys I live in the future United States with my ‘rents and my little brother Smell Factor. I spend most of my time playing games on the Feed, buying stuff I don’t need, and going to the Moon for spring break, which actually sucked. 895 more words

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