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Poorna: Trailer

Produced and directed by Rahul Bose, Poorna is film that talks about the story of the youngest girl in history to climb Mt Everest – a 13 year old Adivasi girl and her astonishing journey from a village in Telangana to the top of the world. 57 more words


Kirill's Himalayan Yeti

One night, during our trek to Everest Base Camp, we stayed in a guesthouse which had security bars on the windows and doors. Kio was convinced the bars were a precaution against the Yetis that were undoubtedly living undetected in the mountains. 76 more words

Everest Base Camp

Into Thin Air - Thoughts/Review

From the summit of Mt. Everest, Jon Krakauer saw nothing that “suggested a murderous storm was bearing down.” This storm, no matter how it seemed, claimed the lives of five climbers attempting to reach the summit in May of 1996. 657 more words

Into Thin Air

Journals from Jiri III

Day Ten.
We dragged ourselves out of bed this morning to more frozen windows and pipes. Nothing had changed since we had seen Everest. We were still cold, hungry and cash poor. 3,775 more words

It's A Long Story

Journals from Jiri II

Day Four.
We keep saying that we’re going to start early.
Tomorrow, we wake up at six, we say.
But we just wake up later and later, and don’t bother with alarms. 2,706 more words

It's A Long Story

Journals from Jiri I

Day One.
Seven walking hours. It was hard, but so good. Waterfalls and rushing rivers, and green everywhere. I didn’t think I’d make it up the last hill, though. 1,627 more words

It's A Long Story

Everest Base Camp - Nepal

It wasn’t until the disastrous Nepal’s Earth quake and its aftermath that I ever thought of visiting Nepal! This incident somehow caught my attention and made me know more about this Himalayan country.

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