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Who’s up for a Kilamanjaro?

Everesting is in. It seems every weekend someone I know is doing it – well, at least trying to do it. But not me.

Despite the occasional fantasy of summiting my local Col de Chiswick 258 times in the one ride, I’m nothing if not a two-wheeled realist. 409 more words


Meet The Man on a Mission to Preserve the World's Coldest Places

Polar adventurer Eric Larsen spends his life in pursuit of the world’s coldest places. In 2006, he completed the first-ever summer expedition to the North Pole, and in 2010 he completed a world record expedition to the North Pole, the South Pole, and the top of Mt. 73 more words

She...doesn't think so

“You look a bit lost” her mom said as the night time closed in. She sat there gazing around the room, not really taking in a whole lot. 265 more words

my amazing life

I have had an interesting life. Here are some of things that I have done:

I have climbed Mt Everest, dined with the Queen of England, spent a winter in the Antarctic, I once wrestled and defeated a saltwater crocodile. 227 more words

China proposed a railway line connecting Nepal and China through a tunnel under Everest !

Nepal is surrounded by the two great power of Asia, China and India. Both countries has emerged as a great power in economy and technology in the world and has subsequently helped Nepal for its development. 272 more words


Trail of the Dead

So imagine you’re hiking up the side of Mt Everest and you come across this:

You think to yourself hey why is this fellow hiker taking a snooze under this rock in the freezing cold and you call out but Mr. 511 more words


KATHMANDU: The world’s highest garbage dump close to Mount Everest will get a cleaning this spring – thanks to the Indian Army. 211 more words