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Amazing! The Row2Rio Team Completes their Man-Powered Journey from Portugal to Brazil

When asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest, George Mallory famously replied, “Because it’s there.”

That question, and those three words in response represent both awe and arrogance – the awe Man has in the face of nature’s immensity and fathomlessness, and the arrogance to conquer it. 438 more words

Rio Olympics

Social media documents Everest

As a long time follower of mountain climbing in general and expeditions to Mt. Everest in specific I was intrigued by the idea of being able to follow a current expedition on the mountain underway right now as I write this post via the magic of social media. 572 more words


Mount Everest

The Earth’s highest mountain which attracts many climbers.


The Dirty Business of Mt. Everest

Ever since Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and British New Zealand mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953 scaled the Summit of Mt. Everest, a new frontier was opened for those who wish to test the limits of their mental and physical strength. 2,839 more words

Lokai Bracelet

We all have the highs and lows in our lives. Lokai bracelets really take that into their product, the Lokai bracelet. The company lives by “Sometimes you’re on top, stay humble. 71 more words


Golden years

Wow, long time between posts. We’ve had lots going on, including John’s Medicare birthday last week, and I’ve been doing lots and lots of writing elsewhere. 564 more words


Into Thin Air

I saw the movie Everest (2015) and found out during the credits that it was based on true events.  I liked the movie so I was very curious about the book.  251 more words