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Syria, Butterflies and 2008

These cattle are doing what they used to do, for perhaps hundreds of years. Their Arab owners lived down the mountain, in Syria. Why they chose to climb 7,000 feet to the peak of Mt. 362 more words

Locations For Butterflies

Hermon Iris Revisited (Protected)

Don’t we all have memories that warm us up when they flash into our consciousness? This image of a Mt. Hermon Iris just did that for me. 214 more words

Butterfly Types

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On March 28th, 2017 I fly El Al back to Israel. Regretably, you will not be sitting on either side of me. I pledge though to search for worthy images, like this one, enjoyed in 2013. to share with you when I return. This '13 post evoked other memories for me: my youthful things for redheads with green eyes and . . . my time spent in the dressing room of the Rockettes! Butterflies & rare irises can do that to you, connect to extravagant beauty heretofore unthinkable.

The Great Inception | Skywatch TV

This series and the forthcoming programs will center on two groundbreaking books (to be released Match 7) — Reversing Hermon by Dr. Michael S. 127 more words


Snow Upon Snow

After the big snow in Vermont, on Sunday, I was up early on Monday morning, at my little writing table facing our big back glass door. 263 more words

Banias / Caesarea Philippi, Israel

In or around the last decade before the Common Era, the city of Caesarea Philippi was commissioned by Philip the Tetrarch, a son of Herod the Great. 407 more words


Mt Hermon Series: Pancake Breakfast

One day during the week you can sign up to go on an early morning hike and they have a killer pancake breakfast.  It’s a great setting, and breakfast feels well worth it after the trek up the hill.  18 more words

Mt Hermon Series: Ropes Course

Sarah is literally sitting right next to me and still won’t write one of these posts. She’s obsessed with twitter and Kenneth Bone. One of my favorite activities at camp was the ropes course. 37 more words