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The Lifted in Spirit(Mountain)

the east and first wind lifted the holy mountain (Mt. Olympus) and placed it north of the garden and winds continue bringing forth the last of it’s Mountain(s) north.where gardens grow and stage many branches that are grafted unto the tree of life for eternity or until the its fruits produce no more in season for knowledge.  18 more words

A New Heaven

The East and West Winds Combined

the east and first wind brought (Mt. Olympus) and the wind of God brings the Mountain(s) north and the west wind restores the garden and branch that Heaven remains for a time and time remade upon the world as a refreshing breath unto life.   20 more words

A New Heaven

Police: 16-year-old from Florida falls to his death from outdoor water slide, which was closed

LAKE DELTON — A 16-year-old boy from Florida is dead after falling more than 30 feet from an outdoor water slide at a resort in Lake Delton, … 180 more words


Prophecies and Magic from Melnik to Mt. Olympus

I wonder if people will remember where they were on the day Trump got elected, the way they do 9/11 or JFK’s assassination. We were in southern Bulgaria, and purely by coincidence, happened to be in the province where a famous Bulgarian soothsayer made prophecies about the election. 671 more words


C shaped cloud and a beautiful mountain.

I am always looking at clouds to see the shapes.

I noticed a cloud that was shaped like a C. Since my name starts with a C, I took the picture to see if the cloud did look like a C shape. 29 more words

Mt Olympus + Bikes & Rain

Storm in the background, bikes in the foreground, and a rather impressive mountain in the middle… love.


Olympic Hiking

If only hiking were actually an Olympic sport, I might have a chance at making it… :D

In honor of the upcoming Summer Games, I hiked Mt. 1,056 more words