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Sadanga, A first encounter

After an 18th birthday celebration coverage back in Baguio last April 29, 2017, we immediately headed out to Sadanga, Mt. Province. I’m with the El Garahe studios Photo team and we were set to cover a wedding at our destination. 540 more words


Breakfast at Yoghurt House

El Garahe Studios took me in on December of 2013 and I have been shooting events with them ever since. It has been hectic for me and the El Garahe Studios photo team last April 29 and 30 2017. 419 more words


May 03, 2017 at 02:06PM

A little heat to ease the morning chill. Sagada, Mt. Province


Mt. Province Hymn

Mt. Province Hymn Lyrics (English Version)


Hail Mountain Province, hail o hail!
The land of the Mountaineers free


Majestic mountins, rivers, vale
God’s gift to all, we extol thee… 111 more words

Sagada On My Plate

My day in Sagada starts early at five-thirty in the morning with me opening my room window in the second floor of Misty Lodge to breathe in the fresh, cold morning air with pine wood scent. 587 more words


The Walking Town of Sagada

Did I say ‘walking town’ of Sagada? Yes I did. But I wish it can be a safer experience than it is now. Sagada is already a walking town but not exclusively. 930 more words


Gaia Cafe & Crafts: An Eclectic, Vegetarian Cafe with a View in Sagada

Ambasing, Sagada Philippines

After an exhilarating and hunger-inducing visit at the Lumiang cave, the perfect place to take a break and have some snacks and refreshments is at Gaia Cafe & Crafts located just a few minutes away from the caves.  359 more words