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Sagada, Mt. Province, PH | July 2016


Sagada, Mt. Province

Exploring Sagada gives breathtaking views of the Cordillera Mountains. Aside from its temperate weather, interesting traditions and heritage, we also had memorable experiences doing different activities like trekking/hiking, spelunking, picnic on bonfire and visiting historical places. 1,345 more words


The gate of Sumaging

This right here is the entrance to Sumaging cave in Sagada. It may seem small in this picture but the Cave entrance is wide and huge.   173 more words


Sadanga, A first encounter

After an 18th birthday celebration coverage back in Baguio last April 29, 2017, we immediately headed out to Sadanga, Mt. Province. I’m with the El Garahe studios Photo team and we were set to cover a wedding at our destination. 540 more words


Breakfast at Yoghurt House

El Garahe Studios took me in on December of 2013 and I have been shooting events with them ever since. It has been hectic for me and the El Garahe Studios photo team last April 29 and 30 2017. 419 more words


May 03, 2017 at 02:06PM

A little heat to ease the morning chill. Sagada, Mt. Province


Mt. Province Hymn

Mt. Province Hymn Lyrics (English Version)


Hail Mountain Province, hail o hail!
The land of the Mountaineers free


Majestic mountins, rivers, vale
God’s gift to all, we extol thee… 530 more words