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How Hiking Mended My Broken Heart

This article is an entry I submitted for the Bali, Indonesia Writing Contest of the Two Monkeys Travel Group.
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Cordillera Mountain Marathon: 11km Run

Nature is the art of God.  This is probably why I love outdoors and roadtrips.  Trees, mountains, cloud formations (or the lack of it) create a unique landscape…so unique that it cannot be replicated by any photo or video clip.   933 more words


How we met Joel Parayno

Name: Joel Parayno
A.K.A: Uncle
How we met: Mt. Pulag climb, April 10, 2009

Nope, we’re not related by blood but he is one of those few people who proved that the friendship rooted from adventurous endeavor can grow to a sort of a family bond.

He’s the coolest!


Trekking Mt. Pulag

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It was a dream came true. In the sunny day of May 8, 2013, I conquered Mt. Pulag – Philippines’ third highest mountain. 464 more words

Climb that Godd**n Mountain : Mt Pulag 2015 (Ambangeg Trail)

Climbing Mt Pulag (at 2,922 masl) was just a dream that’s hard to seal; and being able to climb there earlier than expected is even harder for an ordinary mountaineer like me. 1,414 more words



I can still clearly see it in my mind. Stars, big and small, were scattered in your night sky like precious stones tossed by the gods. 80 more words