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1YoT: Driving Through Washington

Looking ahead, the east-west portion of our trip will involve driving the entire length of I-90, from Seattle to the east coast. To do that, we had to end our west coast portion in Seattle. 618 more words


My first encounter with Mount St. Helens

Written by Bryna R. Campbell, in honor of the 36th anniversy of the Mount St. Helens eruption, May 18, 1980

“I don’t know, maybe we should just pull over and go back,” I said for what seemed like the fourth time that day. 990 more words

By Bryna


I was thinking of Stratton this morning. My cousin that drowned at the age of seven swimming in a pool. A birthday party. Tragedy. It seems such a terrible nightmare even now. 603 more words

Short Stories

“Are you done now, can you learn to knit or maybe do something less destructive to your body?” -mom

Learning from my first 120 mile race.

It is a really, really, really, long way!

A light mist in the air, a nip of cold, our hearts racing with anticipation, this was it, the beginning of what was about to be a very long weekend. 1,225 more words