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Frozen Waters Nine: Washington State

July, 2018

This is my final glacier post, at least for now.

We took an airplane flight from Boeing Field around Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainier. 187 more words


Castle Lake - how did it come to be?

On May 18, 1980 the debris avalanche from Mount St. Helens covered 24 square miles of the upper Toutle river. This blocked tributaries of the river. 315 more words


Flora & Fauna Friday

Not really flora or fauna, just this gentle two-minute sunrise this morning that slipped silently in and back out, giving way to a rainy day. I blinked and it was gone; but for the photo evidence, maybe it wasn’t really there but in my imagination.

Writingdownthestory In Photograph

Peaks from Above

Oh, I meant to get this in before October, but then I caught the flu and didn’t feel like doing much of anything. Seems kind of early for flu season…. 96 more words


Road Trip to Washington - Day 2

The first day of this series of blog posts was rather boring–just driving north to get to where we were going. It will get better, at least for those of you who like scenery of our fabulous country. 985 more words

Mt. St Helen's Volcanic Monument| Part 4

Days 4: Iron Creek & Ape Cave

I will admit, when morning time came and it was time to pack up the campsite, I was glad. 629 more words

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