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The Potential for Pauper Masters.

Several YouTubers and otherwise ‘important’ Magic people have noted the idea of a Pauper Masters series. A supplemental set containing only commons designed not only for drafting, but as an additional product for those wishing to get into the Pauper format (or continue). 505 more words

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Afrojack Presents Jacked Radio 329

Hey Guys the latest podcast from Afrojack’s Jacked Radio is available for stream and download.

Loving this weeks mix from Afrojack have a few top picks from this mix checkem out below: 173 more words


Burn 'em Out.

I feel like Burn is the cheapest deck in Pauper. Well, let me rephrase that slightly. I feel like Burn is the cheapest deck that can actually be relied upon to win. 526 more words

Magic: The Gathering

The Three Best Magic: The Gathering Expansions

As far as card games go, Magic: The Gathering does everything bigger and better. Except, the online player experience, but Magic is designed to be enjoyed in person, at live events, and with your friends in your living room.  534 more words

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Fedde Le Grand Presents Darklight Sessions 286

Hey everyone the latest podcast from Fedde Le Grand and his Darklight sessions is available for stream and download.

The mix has a lot of great tracks even the one it starts of with – “Around7 – The Woman Behind Me”. 102 more words


Welcome To The Grind: A GenericBad Deck Tech

Hello My Fellow Planeswalkers,

Mathew here from GenericBadMagic to bring you a decklist created by a good friend that’s sure to come away with a few wins at your local FNM or Standard Showdown. 1,261 more words


A Touch of Spice: Turbo-Fog.

I think it’s safe to say that Pauper is predominantly a creature-based format. Whilst I am fully aware that Burn is a thing, as is Mill albeit to a lesser extent, it can largely be agreed upon that most decks win by turning creatures sideways. 1,111 more words

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