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The Commander Hall Of Fame, As Decided By Me.

Abbi Marie | 18th July 2018

Magic: The Gathering has a popular multiplayer format called “Commander”. Decks are built up of 100 cards, and except basic lands, you may only have one copy of any card in your deck. 2,538 more words

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Can. et É.-U. - Mise à jour sur la MTG et la SHS pour exportations transpacifiques vers l’est

Veuillez prendre note que la majoration tarifaire générale (MTG) du 15 juillet 2018, laquelle était applicable aux voies commerciales entre l’Asie et le sous-continent indien (SCI) et le Canada et les États-Unis, au niveau annoncé de 1 000 $ US par conteneur de 40 pi, sera appliquée par les transporteurs maritimes à des niveaux atténués. 223 more words

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Modern Red Sideboard cards

Arran Sahota| 9th July 2018

Modern Red offers some useful tools for sideboard, Artifact, Land, and Creature hate being your main three assets to Red but there are of course a couple other cards that could come in handy. 425 more words

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My Latest Hobby

This is something I’ve been meaning to talk about on my blog for sometime. Earlier this year my fiancé decided to try and get me into something, which I must admit, did not seem like something I would enjoy for very long to start with. 545 more words


Commander /EDH format basics

Hello fellow wizards, this is your host MedievalGeek261, and I have a topic that most Magic the Gathering players may have a question about. “What are some of the do’s and don’t’s in the Commander format?” I have multiple answers for the question up above. 334 more words

My Thoughts on the M19 Release

Wizards has decided to reinstate the inclusion of Core Sets into the new set rotation.  Previously, Core Sets were released intermittently throughout Magic’s history, typically in the Summer, to augment the current Standard metagame. 1,671 more words

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Modern Blue Sideboard cards

Arran Sahota| 9th July 2018

A short guide to some blue cards are some staple sideboard goodies! Which can be changed and kept depending on the meta at the time. 993 more words

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