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La Belle et la Boeuf

La Belle et la Boeuf has a spirited ambience with a twist of industrial vibes. I absolutely love their style and quirky accessories that add just the right touch of eccentricity. 70 more words


New prose by Annie Rubin, "We Are Survivors"

It felt like dying, only you’re expected to reincarnate much faster: rapid loss of breath, chest heaving to compensate. Dizzy. The room would fade in and out. 414 more words


Gomen ne, Onii-sama 3-2

Conflicted feelings.

Gomen ne, Oniisama Chapter 3 part 2

The Villain’s Exhaustion, and the Man Who Offered His Hand

When I dismissed the idea that I was abandoned,【I】was relieved. 2,009 more words


New prose by Finn Morgan, "Home Enough"

CW: abuse mention (child)

A peach morning, shards of grass sneaking into the sidewalk, branches swaying dull and dead. I arrive at the building gate and I am shaking, shaking still; … 436 more words


La Finca café & bureau

We had an amazing experience there ! We loved everything from the service to the small details as the calendar they had.
– A carefully thought-out decor… 52 more words

Gomen ne, Onii-sama 3-1

Ehum… sorry about the delay, I was feeling lazy…  (。・ ω<)ゞ

On to chapter 3, a time skip, and a new point of view… at least, for this part. 3,208 more words


New poem, "Resistance," by Francine Cunningham

can you feel the breaking?
i don’t know if it’s my heart, or something older
the cracks in my spirit are easier to see
they show themselves on my face… 417 more words