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"Goodnight (Again)" – Ajay Mehra

I’m sad I saw you.

I’m sorry. I’m happy you’re happy. I’m happy. You’re happy.

Old pictures are magic. Memories are magic. Disneyland and imagination and the faces in your messages are magic. 86 more words


Chapter 020 - Female knight is pleasured

Aisha had forgotten how many times she had checked the time.

Yesterday Keith had told her to come at midnight but what time was midnight? Was it already midnight? 2,875 more words

Elf No Kuni

Temporary Title (Will NU catch this? I hope not.)

Hopefully NU doesn’t catch this… I wonder if anyone will actually see this?
This is the first half of this part. I felt like I might as well throw this out there since it’s decently long (and because I’m so slow), but I won’t update it on NU until I finish the whole thing. 1,434 more words


"Grandma's Hands" – Josh Elyea

As I sit on the bus, I look to the lady next to me. She has severe hands, crooked fingers with hard knuckles. My grandmother had hands like that. 242 more words


Interview: Slowdive's Rachel Goswell

Hey friends, I got the chance to interview Rachel from Slowdive for my other publication a few weeks back, review of the new album is coming. 11 more words


"Diaspora Blues" – Nailah King

“Where are you from?”

He was asked this often and the answer was always difficult. What they needed to understand was his journey didn’t start here but a place miles and miles away among lush earth and under a coral sun. 470 more words


DEPWINE: Album Review of 'LOATHE'

Your favourite local corner store is overflowing with the cheap shit, but now you can drink the cheap shit and listen to (the better) Depwine’s… 546 more words