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Although the wide-leg trend hit in full force quite awhile ago, and seems to be here to stay for a little longer, we have to admit it’s not the most practical trend.  92 more words


Gomen ne, Onii-sama 2-3

The third. Quite a large scene change. Don’t worry, I didn’t skip a chapter.

Gomen ne, Oniisama Chapter 2 part 3

-Flame Prison Princess- Before… 2,983 more words

Gomen Ne Onii-sama

Gomen ne, Onii-sama 2-2

Well, I did a second one. The chapters of this novel are quite a decent length.

In case you forgot, her brother’s name is Gilford. 2,597 more words

Gomen Ne Onii-sama

Queer soccer in Montreal

August got away from me. Lulz.

(To what extent is it appropriate to blog the same way that I text? Maybe something to write about later; short answer, my blog, my rules!) 209 more words


Isagi chapter update ~

TL : Visu

ED : Anonaway

1st chapter of the week ~

thanks to anonaway for editing this chapter an of course for teren mikami-sama for writing this novel  :> 59 more words


Not Dead

Hiiiiiiii no I’m not dead.

I have missed posting in the past couple of weeks (sorry), but I have a good reason! 151 more words