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White Anemone

Vintage Levis jeans altered, American Apparel tee, Stan Smith Adidas sneakers


Café Replika

252 rue Rachel E || Le Plateau || Station Mont-Royal ||


The Plateau’s rue Rachel greeted me with a refreshing feeling. It had just rained and petrichor filled my lungs. 357 more words

Side dish: Rice with Caramelized Onions Recipe

I was in the mood for something fast and easy to make for lunch and while this would be a great side dish for chicken or fish, it’s a great snack by itself. 205 more words


Sunday Shots

As the weekend winds down and a new Monday awaits, I try to take it in stride and elevate my body and mind to a healthier state. 70 more words


The 51 on November 6

Like the leaves who depend on the wind to create heaps on the ground we depend on upward thumbs. A question without an answer but not rhetorical, we know not why we signify thumbs with admiration. 19 more words