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Microsoft Cross Licensing

Microsoft grants licenses to companies under fair and reasonable terms. It is important for the company claiming license to adhere with the Microsoft’s IP licensing policy. 334 more words


Befriending the Most Powerful Person | Chapter 5

it’s been half a year since the previous translator Hara FTranslation posted another chapter of this novel, so hopefully i’m not stepping on any toes. i don’t intend to continue translating this novel, so please enjoy this chapter and pray that another translator picks it up! 1,855 more words


Aspire Breeze 2

VapeLeb: $75 (sold out) go

Beirut Vapes: Unavailable

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Vape Addict Leb: $65 (available) go



VapeLeb: $40 (available) go
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À ma mère

Ma mère m’a déjà dit quelque chose que je n’oublierai jamais et que j’aimerais partager avec vous. « On ne peut pas aimer quelqu’un juste parce qu’il nous aime… 939 more words


Fine Dining: Montreal, La Champagnerie

La Champagnerie in old Montreal is not just a fine dining restaurant but a fun place with hundreds of champagne options. Yes hundreds. Besides the fun atmosphere and the upbeat music the DJ plays, la champagnerie’s food makes the place even better. 107 more words

Brunch: Montreal, Régine Café

Let’s talk about Montréal brunch spots: This is one of the offbeat restaurant you try out one day and fall in love with. Régine Café 52 more words