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It's just fine if your book has a message.

Lately there’s been a bit of a dust-up on Twitter (no big surprise) about whether or not books should have an ulterior motive.  More to the point, there are a few complaints out there stating that there’s been an uptick of them, and they bemoan that they’d rather have stories that aren’t all messagey or ‘political’. 381 more words

On Writing

Avoiding Too Many Hard Pulls and Deep Inhales

Despite the increasing popularity of vaping, one surprising thing is that some people don’t know how to vape. Many aren’t quite understanding how the mouth should interact with the vapor during the process. 541 more words


Onee-chan Will Become a Hero, and Save the World!

Raws: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n2724df/

A short story with a cheerful title. Again, as with the other thing I translated, it’s probably not 100% accurate.

Translated synopsis: I became a hero in the world I was forcibly summoned to. 2,622 more words


MTL/BTC Online Currency Exchange Germany

Convert Bitcoins to Maltese Liras with a conversion calculator, or Bitcoins to Liras conversion tables. Also, view Bitcoin to Lira currency charts. Get also a Bitcoin to Lira currency converter widget or currency conversion guide sheet or chart for your website. 414 more words



MEET THE LIDWELLS! A Rock n’ Roll Family Memoir

“Rule number one in the music business: never start a band with any members of your family.  193 more words


The Best Lashes in the City

As most of you know I wear fake lashes every day. I know some of you might suggest individuals or lash lifts, but I’ve tried everything but fake lashes work best for me. 140 more words