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the pathos of jackie kennedy dolls on etsy, 2.0

i’ve written about this before. AT LENGTH. so i’mma keep it short here. try to anyway.

but i was doing my annual pre-birthday perusal of kennedy things on etsy… 716 more words


It's starting to smell a lot like Easter!

The Conehead Chronicles – Day 5: The Easter Bunny came early! Hehehe…it was my bestestest friend ever MTM who delivered an early Easter present for me … 38 more words

I Hope I'm Not Psychic

On January 11th of this year I was lying in bed, fully awake, with my eyes closed. Because my head is always so noisy, I’m in the habit of listening to music or old-time radio shows on my computer, but my computer broke down back in mid-December and since then I’ve been using a tablet. 433 more words



MTM’s own TeeCee4800 linked up with Cali’s own Vince Staples & D. Loc for “Crippin.”

Are we still bangin’? I guess so… Check out the track and video below…



Miley Cyrus - MTM!!!!... #CYGNSS

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Identify the Problem & Convey the Solution

Marketing Tip Monday: Identify the problem your business solves and make sure you are clearly communicating that. Don’t be vague. Be direct to narrow down your target audience. 22 more words

Value PT. 2

This post is about something completely unrelated to the previous post.

It’s about the literal value of things and why they cost what they cost and how it relates to you. 351 more words