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This morning I had a dentist appointment, and I was so glad that I got to sleep in a little bit longer. The past couple nights I have been sleeping with my Fitbit on and setting the silent alarm. 785 more words

The Elevator Speech

Marketing Tip Monday: Every business professional should have an elevator speech up their sleeve, ready to deliver at any given moment. An elevator speech is a concise self-promoting summary you should be able to deliver within approximately 30 seconds or less. 79 more words


A very Special BARK OUT!

A very special Bark Out this morning to one of my most special two-leggeds: MTM (Matey Veissi) who is celebrating her birthday today. MTM I Love You…Have a Howling Happy Birthday! 7 more words

ExQ - Nhema (feat. Killer T) Lyrics

Mr Putiti
Hot Property
Natso cheka masettings, mafrequency, mafeelings

Aiwa, aiwa (no, no)
Handisi MacGyver (no, no)
Handisi kutsvaka kumixer, kulinka nevanhu vakaipa (no, no) 281 more words


MtM welcomes a Plus - rebrands as MtM+ Technology

We are excited to announce that our company will be rebranded as MtM+ Technology. 265 more words



今天我們很高興的宣布,我們將從原本的先封,改名為先豐科技。英文將會為 MtM+ Technology。 45 more words


A Little Song, a Little Dance...

Prompt: Bury

Dear Wednesday,

Have you ever made a speech at a funeral? I haven’t. I’ve lost my fear of speaking in front of small groups but there is no way I could pull myself together (and I’m not proud of this) and speak about someone I loved who had just died, without getting choked up, weepy, and unable to pay them proper respect. 78 more words

Writing Prompts