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Such great memories together...

Happy Birthday MTM…I love you!


You and I have such great memories together…

I’m so so lucky to have a Bestest Friend like you MTM…Happy Birthday!

Made to Meisure - Carl Stuart, Ossett

It was a lack of reviews and commentary on northern based tailors that spurred me on to start this blog as, whilst searching for someone to commission a suit for my wedding, I struggled to find any information on tailors outside of Saville Row. 315 more words


MTM Audi S8 Talladega with 760 HP

The MTM S8 Tallageda can accelerate to 100 km/h within just 3.1 seconds. Yes, that’s right people, apart from being a super heavyweight car, the S8 can travel fast, very fast. 130 more words

Audi S8

Back to school 6 years later

I passed and workshop immediately started a week later. It happened so quickly over the last weekend and I feel very much like a student again. 291 more words

Masters Degree

Amazon Must Face Trademark Lawsuit Over Wristwatch Search Results

If Amazon doesn’t sell a specific product I’m looking for, should it simply tell me “Sorry, nothing here” or should it bring up a slate of other, possibly similar, competing products? 581 more words

To record more than 10 steps in an exploratory test

By Default in Microsoft Test Manager, the number of steps recorded in an exploratory test is set to 10. To change this, you need to update the mtm config file. 53 more words

Visual Studio