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Marketing Tip Monday: Do you have an e-commerce site for your business? Seeing that over 60% of consumers actively look for coupons, chances are, your consumers have definitely searched for one to apply to their purchase on your site. 122 more words


Subjects & Pre-Headers

Marketing Tip Monday: Do you engage in email marketing campaigns? How much thought do you put into your subject line and pre-header? A pre-header is used by your subscribers as a pre-screening tool. 153 more words


Consider Your Feedback

Marketing Tip Monday: Have you ever left a review on Yelp? How about having given a star-rating for a business on Google or Facebook? Feedback has allowed businesses to improve for ages. 187 more words


Multiple Representations of Momentum Transfer — The Card Sort

After my first card sort activity, I was eager to design more. Quick heads up—this card sort is VERY different from the kinematics one that I designed. 1,142 more words


Platform Fluidity

Marketing Tip Monday: Think about what your thought process is when you decide to post content from your social media personal profile. If it’s a quick thought, you probably post to Twitter. 202 more words


Getting the Most Out of Facebook

Marketing Tip Monday: Besides being a very interactive social platform, Facebook has a plethora of useful tools in the form of ads, events, and offers that can really benefit your online marketing efforts. 292 more words


Establish Your Brand Identity

Marketing Tip Monday: It is a common misconception that your logo conveys EVERYTHING your audience needs to know about your brand. While it is supposed to represent your business in tone, as well as look-and-feel, it is not the ONLY element that establishes your brand identity. 141 more words