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Having Low Self Esteem Makes Me Feel Special: My Top Four Favorite Daria Episodes

Welcome back to my nostalgia week or as I call it, a normal day. We will be continuing with Daria or my top three favorite Daria episodes. 1,147 more words


You're Standing on My Neck: Thoughts on MTV's Daria

Welcome back! Last week was a lot of fun talking about books. However, we have to get back to another love of mine, television that shaped my childhood. 772 more words



KUALA LUMPUR/ SINGAPORE, 13 SEPTEMBER 2015 – MTV World Stage Malaysia 2015 , one of the biggest Southeast Asian music nights of the year, was punctuated with amazing MTV moments for fans. 962 more words


It's just what I think ...

Dunno if you noticed but the VMAs happened.
Being the social media junkie that I am, my afternoon was a constant influx of updates and notifications as the event went down, and boy did it go down.

2,821 more words

After a wild night of hosting Miley Cyrus chills after VMAs with JOINT

It seems hosting the VMAs is hard work, as Miley is seen passing around JOINT in the press room after the VMAs had finished…  

It’s apparent that Kanye West was the only one enjoying the odd joint at the VMAs, Miley was getting in on it too. 115 more words


The moment Caitlyn Jenner meets Kris Jenner

Caitlyn and Kris Jenner have had a hard time over the past year, whilst Caitlyn has been transitioning.  Can they bury the hatchet…

The moment everyone has been waiting for.   261 more words


Nicki Minaj calls out Miley Cyrus live on VMAs stage 

Everything was going smoothly at the MTV VMAs, until Nicki Minaj decided to voice her concerns with Cyrus live on stage…

Whilst accepting her award Nicki Minaj felt the need to call out Miley Cyrus on the comments she made about her in an interview with The New Work Times earlier last week. 95 more words