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PREMIERE Bonjour Minuit - a theatre of poetry : Proem, Episodes I:I ~ I:IV (2014-15)

Mu-Xuan Lin

Bonjour Minuit – a theatre of poetry : Proem, Episodes I:I, I:II, I:III, I:IV (2014-15)
for three vocalists, ensemble, and electronics



Updates! - February 2016

One tends to imagine the calendar years as connected together, one after the other, by dainty little links that’s the New Year’s eve and New Year’s day, yet with the overlapping and cross-referencing of cultures and geographical locations in my life — Liturgical calendar, Lunar calendar, … 418 more words


about G (2015) premiered on Ensemble Proton Bern's "Viel Glück!" 5th Anniversary Concert, December 7th

Many happy returns, Ensemble Proton Bern!

Along with 32 other pieces written specifically for the occasion of Ensemble Proton Bern’s 5th anniversary celebration, my miniature piece… 190 more words


aer- (2011) to be Performed at the 180º Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria

To the Balkans!

My trio piece aer- (2011) for flute, viola, and bassoon will be featured as part of “Checkmate” concert at the 180º Festival… 162 more words


Mu-Xuan is to Be Part of the Novalis music+art Festival 2015, Croatia, August 23rd - 26th

Along with four other composers of the next generation, Mu-Xuan is invited to be part of the Novalis music+art Festival taking place in the beautiful coastal town of Novalja on Pag Island, Croatia, August 2015.   86 more words