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Carnaval 2015


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Muamba 2015


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Ingressos carnaval 2015

Correio do Povo

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Medicals that can save lives: Almunia, Foe, Muamba and more.

When the transfer window is open, we’ve all took the opportunity to peer through it and seen a multi-million pound superstar footballer lying on an hospital bed hooked-up to all kinds of electronic gadgetry monitoring everything from pulse rate to brain waves and all points in between. 131 more words


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CARLOS TEVEZ, l’uomo dal cuore d’oro

“Quiero mostrar los barrios más pobres para que la gente no los olvide”.

Carlos Tevez, con queste parole, ha dichiarato che anche nella sua avventura con la Juventus, adotterà questa forma di esultanza, ovvero mostrare il nome dei quartieri poveri di Buenos Aires. 820 more words

On The Defensive: Boxing Puts Up Its Guard Following Criticism

By Dan Yeo

British boxing was left reeling earlier this month after the tragic death of Michael Norgrove. The 31-year-old was rushed to hospital after displaying worrying signs in his fight with Tom Bowen and sadly passed away nine days later. 552 more words