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10 reasons to begin your Muay Thai journey

Ten reason to do Muay Thai

I know there are more than 10 reasons to begin a journey into Muay Thai but I am going to name the 10 I feel are the most prominent in my mind. 2,670 more words

Muay Thai

Training in Thailand - Why I love Muay Thai

  • Thailand is the birth place of Muay Thai.

Knowledge of the ancient fighting style goes back generations and generations, so everything you learn here will come directly from the source. 932 more words


This is a really quick post

Hey! Like the title says, this is going to be a really quick post.

I am in the process of building something else to run alongside MTBUK, something that is able to hit a broader range of audience. 343 more words

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A master class on the pads and a bloody nose!

Tonight’s session was amazing! I got totally pasted! I did two hours tonight… One hour strength and conditioning and then one hour Thai. Strength was a good session, we began by warming up doing pull aparts, dislocates and goblet squats 10 of each 2 times round. 1,752 more words

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Monday's Muay Thai Session

Though, my intention wasn’t to fight in the ring when I started in Mikenta everything changed quickly. I was met by openminded and hardworking people. These people quickly changed my mindset, and I have never been more hooked on something ┬áthan muay thai. 66 more words

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You can't out train a bad diet.

The most important thing about training and keeping healthy is diet. I have quickly come to realise that if you don’t eat correctly the damage you are doing to your body is going to far surpass that of any exercise you may be doing to improve it. 864 more words

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Nai Khanom Tom Day

Right before I write this I just want to say that I love most of and respect all of the traditions of Muay Thai. I think the Wai Kru is beautiful and I love that part of the tradition. 1,005 more words