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My most recent thoughts about Muay Thai

The reason I got into Muay Thai was not to take pleasure in kicking and punching someone’s face in, as much as I do now take pleasure in this it wasn’t on the forefront of my mind when I joined the gym, it was to get fit and change my mentality towards fitness and exercise. 1,661 more words

Muay Thai

The calm before the storm

Mondays session was canny. I got two hours in. One hour strength and conditioning and one hour Thai/K1. There were quite a few of us in the classes. 1,099 more words

Muay Thai

My 2nd Angel fight and dealing with grief away from home

Before anyone reads this post I apologize for the depressing, mopey tone. I’m trying to write about my experiences the good and bad. Im not making excuses or looking for sympathy It just feels better writing it all down…..and moving forward which is what I will be doing. 2,336 more words

TeamElite's Shane Reyes

Killa Bees here with an update on TeamElite’s Shane Reyes @_out_reyes. Shane had his first taste of being INSIDE the ring. He lost his bout to a much larger opponent and learned a valuable lesson; he learned that sometimes it’s not about the fight in front of you, it’s about the battles you had with yourself to get there. 203 more words


I apologise.

I’m sorry. I am in the process of making any of important changes to the website. All of which I am so excited to be telling you about… … 181 more words

Muay Thai

Finally beginning to feel a difference!

I am really beginning to feel a progression in my training. I am getting to the point now where I feel comfortable with the basics of Muay Thai. 532 more words

Muay Thai

It's nearly been a week!

I know I have been pretty quiet this past week. It doesn’t mean that there has been a lack of action behind the scenes.

There has been so much going on that I am excited to tell you all about. 757 more words

Muay Thai