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Independence Day and Bring A Friend Week Success!

It’s the Fourth of July! Or as it should be said, Independence Day!  239 years ago today, our country gained its independence from England by having a goal in mind and persevering through the hard times. 170 more words

Mixed Martial Arts

Women’s Only Self Defense

When you hear “MMA”, you probably think of big, muscular guys throwing each other around right? Well at Scranton MMA, we break that stereotype every day! 322 more words

Mixed Martial Arts

Omoplata to Armbar by Steve: Post of the Day

The Scranton MMA July Facebook contest kicks off today, and we have a great video for you! One of our own jiu jitsu instructors, Steve Peragallo, shows an armbar finish from the omoplata. 52 more words

Mixed Martial Arts

On the path of improvement

It can be a tough road trying to be a better you. The ups and downs, physically and emotionally,  calls for a support system. It’s tough to find a support system of people who don’t know what you are going through, of people who watch from the side lines as you make waves in your desired areas. 237 more words


Looking for a new kind of workout in Annapolis, MD?

Using the techniques of Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and Boxing and our Thai Pads, Suitcase Pads, Focus Mitts and Heavy Bag, you’ll learn a mixture of high-intensity strikes and kicks that will condition your entire body from head to toe. 210 more words


Benefits of Martial Arts Training for Adults

Sometimes people have a misconception of training in a martial art as an adult. A lot of people feel as though it is for kids, or that if they hadn’t started as a kid it’s too late for them as an adult. 304 more words


Build Physical Strength and Stamina with Muay Thai Kickboxing

For fitness freaks, athletes, pro-fighters and individuals Muay Thai kickboxing is the ideal way to get back into shape. It is an ideal unarmed fight to burn extra calories, develop self defence and stay healthy. 394 more words

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