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CAIRO – War hero. Savior of the nation. An anchor of stability in aturbulent region. And in the twilight of his life, a criminalconvicted for his role in the deaths of those fighting to oust him. 276 more words

Love And Fear in Egypt

“The people demand the old tear gas”

This was a slogan uttered by some of the crowds protesting the Egyptian army’s November 2011 turning on civilian protesters demanding the end of military rule using a new powerful tear gas that could cause unconsciousness and convulsions. 781 more words

Egypt's Morsi 'abstaining from prison food'

Egypt’s former President Mohamed Morsi, who is in prison since he was ousted from power in 2013, has said that he had stopped eating out of fear over his life. 258 more words


Did Social Media Cause The Egyptian Revolution?

I was recently asked (by otherwise sensible people), “Dr. Peterson, how would you assess the predominant media narrative that the ‘Arab Spring’ revolutions—nicknamed ‘Facebook revolutions’ at the time—were caused by social media?” 680 more words

62. Let's Celebrate It (Eid)!

May peace be upon you.

I am so honoured to have had my article approved and published on Muzlimbuzz! For those who may not know, Muzlimbuzz is an e-magazine that caters to the modern, active, socially-engaged and spiritual Muslim. 62 more words


Ied Mubarak

The very special events for Muslims around the world!



Idhul Fitri selalu penuh hikmah
Untuk meraup berkah
Atau memaknai rahmat-Nya

Pulang ke rumah
Berpeluk mengutuhkan
Pada jiwa-jiwa yang temaram
Memaafkan, mengikhlaskan

Tertawa keluarga
Berjabat kerabat… 24 more words

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