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Egypt, the American Way

In Egypt, a people’s uprising has succeeded in removing Hosni Mubarak from power. The main battle, however, lies ahead. Will there be a substantive transformation of Egyptian society, or will the economic and political system remain essentially unchanged, with only a new face occupying the presidential office? 17 more words


The Daesh Chronicles: The “We-Told-You-So” Story

The recent terror attacks in the EU must have a direct link to the fact that the anti-Syrian coalition, including the EU has 1) ignored all warnings about the rise of Jihadis, 2) facilitated their movement into Syria in the hope of scoring a quick and swift victory against her government, and 3) fell victim to political correctness in accepting refugee swarms that included terrorists that it (ie the EU) have helped create in the first place. 1,905 more words

World At War

Gates: Obama went against all of the National Security team on ousting Mubarak

This is how we treat our friends and allies. Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power and Susan Rice orchestrated the ousting of Mubarak and the Arab Spring. Yet has Hilary been even questioned about it? 263 more words

War On Terror

FEATURE: Younis Mahmoud - What next for Iraq’s beleaguered captain?


Iraq’s national side is known to its loyal supporters as the Lions of Mesopotamia – a term first coined during the team’s heroics at the 2004 Olympic Games. 2,165 more words


After 5 years, we’re still telling the wrong story about the Arab Spring

Institutional weakness isn’t as exciting a topic as evil dictators or heroic protesters — but it’s far more important, writes former human rights lawyer Amanda Taub for Vox Media. 432 more words

Rule Of Law