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Ramadan Mubarak: Day 18

Ramadan Mubarak!

I can’t believe that we are almost in the last 10 days of Ramadan! This is NUTS! I feel like this month went by way too fast and now I’m in panic┬ámode. 454 more words


Sinai's Violence: A Timeline ( 2004 - 2015)

Following the recent terror attacks in Sinai, some tried to portray the violence as an armed insurgency in response to July 3 coup against Morsi. Sinai militancy, however, has been ongoing before Morsi, continued during his tenure, and after his ousting. 667 more words


Eid Mubarak vs Merry Christmas - What's the DIFFERENCE in how people CELEBRATE them?

No this is not a post about Islam vs Christianity, and I would never step into that territory, but what I wanted to talk about here is how these celebrations are similar and different. 460 more words


Egypt postpones Morsi trial over government 'leak'

A criminal court in the Egyptian capital Cairo has postponed until June 25 a trial in which Mohamed Morsi, the deposed president, and 10 others are charged with leaking classified documents to Qatar. 49 more words


My 5 Favourite YouTube Finds (19/06/2015)

Bismillahir rahmanir raheem

Ramadan Mubarak everyone! How’s the first few fasts going? Alhamdulillah, we’ve made it to the blessed month of Ramadan.

In an attempt to prepare myself for Ramadan, most of the picks for this week will be concentrating on that. 322 more words


I am participating in Christians 4 Ramadan / #Christians4Ramadan to the best of my ability

Earlier this year I found out about a movement among some Muslims called #Muslims4Lent; essentially out of solidarity and interfaith appreciation there were those who partook in Lent despite it not being part of their faith tradition. 178 more words