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Exzessiv “geliebt” von den Einigen, aber nicht genug von den Anderen

Eine Filmkritik von Tetiana Shportak zum Film von Nabil Ayouch “Much Loved”.

Der Film “Much Loved” des französisch-marokkanischen Regisseurs Nabil Ayouch, der jetzt in den Berliner Kinos oft aufzufinden ist, erzählt die Geschichte von vier Frauen, die sich ihr Geld in Marrakech mit Prostitution verdienen. 832 more words

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Last weekend I bought a book.

I’m a lover of book shops and can rarely visit one without walking away with a purchase. I like the tactile pleasure of reading a physical book and have never quite found the same joy in reading a novel on the kindle or iPad. 690 more words


Loubna Abidar, la femme la plus détestée au Maroc, est nominée aux Cesars.

Traitée de pute et de prostituée, menacée de mort et attaquée, rejetée par son pays pour avoir osé de le positionner devant une glace, Loubna Abidar se réfugie en France. 217 more words


Some shopping..:)

Girls! what’s better than shopping to remove the stress!

I know I flipped out but it worth it!

I let you guess the brand, one of my favorite!


Nabil Ayouch Preps Social Drama 'Razzia' (EXCLUSIVE)

46-year old Nabil Ayouch is Morocco’s best-known helmer – due to his incisive social dramas that highlight the plight of characters from impoverished backgrounds who resort to desperate actions. 1,506 more words


Marrakech: Moroccan Cinema at a Crossroads

Given the current geo-political climate, all eyes are focused on developments in the Arab world, whether political, military or cultural.

Historically positioned at a crossroads between North and South and East and West, Morocco is one of the most developed countries in both the Arab World and Africa, and since 2008 has maintained an “advanced status” with the European Union, paving the way to full accession to the E.U. 2,324 more words