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someone is in love.

The Cheikh/Imam/Religious Man has come out of his cave to defend Much Loved actress Loubna Abidar. Maybe Fizazi wants to be the Jesus of Christ of Morocco, on a crusade to defend the anyone he deems a redeemable “sinner.” If he had kept this for himself, I would say good for him. 43 more words


Social hypocrisy ....

Truly a country of paradox and social hypocrisy:
Two weeks ago (correct if I’m wrong, I don’t keep count) , a film was put forward to Cannes’ audience called “much loved” or better known as “ZIN LI FIK” , depicting the lives of four Moroccan prostitutes, telling their stories and how they perceive their world and society. 165 more words

Non Classé

Cannes Exec 'Stupefied' by Morocco's Ban on Prostitution Drama 'Much Loved'

PARIS — Cannes Directors’ Fortnight topper Edouard Waintrop has joined the flurry of international filmmakers and producers who are protesting Morocco’s ban on Nabil Ayouch’s prostitution-themed drama “Much Loved.” 495 more words


Cannes Film Review: 'Much Loved'

Nabil Ayouch (“Horses of God”) is no stranger to controversy, so he must have realized the outcry bound to follow “Much Loved,” a remarkably frank if unoriginal take (to international arthouse eyes) on prostitution in Marrakech. 667 more words


Ranting About the Rants About "Much Loved"

Even though I have been trying to keep my mouth shut on the topic, there was a time when I felt a need to have my say on Nabil Ayouch’s “Much Loved.” So, although I know that this post will probably get me more hatred and cynicism than respect and empathy, I just can’t resist the urge to voice my opinion on this matter. 770 more words


“Much Loved” or "Much Hated" ? (By Her)

Again a movie created an enormous buzz and a huge polemic in a “supposedly” Muslim country. This movie divided the internet and the Moroccan society into two regarding its portrayal of reality. 413 more words


Much Loved: Portraits of Beloved Childhood Teddies

Peter Rabbit

Age: 10

Height: 16 inches

Belongs to: Callum Nixon

It all began when Nixon witnessed the complete adoration with which his own baby son enveloped his Peter Rabbit, a gift from his 99-year-old grandmother — “the way he squeezed it with delight when he was excited, the way he buried his nose in it while sucking his thumb, and how he just had to sleep with Peter every night.” 302 more words