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solved so much

felt a words

of  something

where it was minus

or positive

and what it equals

and how it reacted of the

time of the  brand… 47 more words


In english

I guessed it was a to great problem for most people reading Swedish languge. It is concidered to be difficilt. As finnish (soumi) and russian languges. 45 more words

very much you

how many  folks  you  walk around

and doing of the same

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and  what it suggested

of the aware

and  when it was the station… 44 more words


How Much Clothing Do You Pack For A Weekend Trip?

What’s the right amount of clothes to pack for a weekend trip?

A new survey asked people how much clothing they bring on a summer weekend trip. 44 more words


Haircuts That Make Air-Drying So Much Easier

Ask a handful of women to air-dry their hair, and you’ll likely get this excuse more than once: “I can’t do that with my hair texture.” But successful air-drying actually has little to do with your texture and a lot to do with your cut. 13 more words

said so much

didn’t it seem

as it was the other aspects

and its own respect of the words

and doing of the manner

and what it wonders… 47 more words


A Much Needed Sign

In a moment

Of despair

My heart by fear

And pain was choked

And as I reached

My limit, there,

I found a page

“There’s always hope”