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21 hilariously relatable tweets that'll make you say "yeah, pretty much"

Take a deep breath. We’ve made it to Thursday, which means Friday is only hours away—but we know how “work hours” tend to drag on much longer than “normal hours.” That’s why we’ve rounded up a few… 583 more words


How Much Is That?

“‎You’re not the same as you were before,” he said, “You were much more… muchier… you’ve lost your muchness.”
― Lewis Carroll

At times my mouth works faster than my mind.

20 more words

much so ended

called as its own kept

as the truth

as its own sign

and walking

as its own even

as its own soul

and standing

and kept as its own pure… 41 more words


ended so much

better as the fuel

as its own corner

as the story

and through the walls

as its own keeping

and making

as the feet

as the seeking… 45 more words


How Much Time We Waste At Work

You waste a FULL workday a week slacking off at work??!!

According to a new study, we waste 98 minutes a day at work on our phones and doing personal stuff. 96 more words


How Much Is Your Time Worth

Raymond Chow Man-Wai GBS (born 8 October 1927) is a Hong Kong film producer, and presenter. He is responsible for successfully launching martial arts and the Hong Kong cinema onto the international stage. 40 more words

never as much

told as its own cheers

and bringing as its own choice

as the pencil

as its own to the sharp

and least

as the holding… 48 more words