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when as much

into as its own help

and what it was the pure

as its own strive

and engaged as its own leap

and well as its own channel… 48 more words


little as much

in its own plot

and  secure as its own changing

and caught on the  floor

and dancing from a mind

and  rather as it was the starting agenda… 45 more words


How Much Protein Is Too Much?

Somewhere along the line, you have probably heard that too much protein can be bad for your health. After hearing rumors like this about protein, it may be hard for you to separate fact from fiction. 518 more words



Well, I have now produced what was expected of me to the seminar. Needed to produce it in order to follow the schedule. I am in head of time, that means that I have done it in time, one day to early. 311 more words


Can you afford a new car?

While most of us would like to think that we deserve a brand new set of wheels, the truth is that most people underestimate the expense of owning a vehicle.  1,370 more words


Completed the seminars so far this week, just some more to go. Ehm. No sleep, no rest, more than during the night. What a pace. What a week. 127 more words


Confessions of a Girl who Jumped on Bird Poop

March 6 2017

Today I jumped on bird poop. I know your probably wondering “how in the world do you jump on bird poop?!”. Its simple. 72 more words