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How Much Time We Spend On The Toilet

We spend HOW LONG on the toilet every week??!!

According to a new study, we spend more time sitting on the toilet every week than exercising. 65 more words


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How Much NBA Players Make After Taxes

See how TAXES impact NBA players’ take home pay.

How Much Do the Top 10 NBA Players Make . . . After Taxes?

LeBron James has the biggest contract for the upcoming NBA season. 190 more words


Talk low, talk slow and don't say too much!!!

“Talk low,

talk slow and

don’t say too much.”

– John Wayne

Life & Living


I have a pounding headache and the clock warns me that I’m not going to catch my bus to work on time. Arghhh the light… the ticking…that chirping… the bus. 187 more words


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McGregor gives Mayweather 'much respect' post-fight

“;var RTR_VideoBlurb = “Mixed martial arts fighter Conor McGregor gives boxer Floyd Mayweather ‘much respect’ after Mayweather secures a final victory in an illustrious career that ends with an unmatched 50-0 record. 3,373 more words