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The City Nymph Dress

Remember the Winter-Weight-Proof Skirt I posted about a while ago? The one that I made out of extra tartan from a dress that didn’t fit? 444 more words

Original Design

Much Mucha

I didn’t have to do a thing! What a great day! My passengers had even organized dinner themselves, which gave me plenty of time to prepare other trips and do my own thing. 408 more words


Czech Out My Pragueress: Entry Three

Within these posts lie the adventures and thoughts of a traveler. One who wished to see the wonders first hand and experience them for what they are. 349 more words


Squee! And A Few Free Readings!

**UPDATE: There are two free readings left!**

I got my Mucha tarot deck today! I ordered it at the end of April, and for some reason or other, Amazon couldn’t send it to me in the middle of the month as estimated. 238 more words


Shop: Large Art Nouveau Cameo Necklace

Large Nouveau Cameo Necklace on Etsy

I spent the (wonderfully) long weekend in the studio, working on jewelry for the first time in ages and restocking my supplies. 154 more words