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Sketchbook Archive 02/04/14

Hey hey! Figure I’ll stick up a few pictures from my past few years, just as a way to show off the development of my artwork and so I can keep track of them myself! 277 more words

Sketches & Doodles

Street Art Turns Sinuous

It’s rare to discover street art with such diverse influences as you’ll find from Montreal-based A’shop. The mural arts and advertising group has managed to incorporate styles that range from sinuous, fin de siècle Czech Art Nouveau to SoCal graffiti. 17 more words


Economical Art

Most people have a favorite artist and would love to have house a few of their works around. Sadly an original Dali is worth more than most cars and few of us have the insurance, climate control or security, let alone the spare cash, to indulge such fantasies. 314 more words

Elegance, Entertaining, Etiquette.


From a shell I saw at the Auckland Museum. 2014 trip to New Zealand/Australia


A bigger glimpse

Here’s where those grapes led – to a very art nouveau Mucha inspired piece.  Hooray for inspiration!

And please don’t judge the linework too harshly – these are very unforgiving curves!   11 more words


Art Nouveau Princess Leia

I saw these beautiful illustrations of Princess Leia in an Art Nouveau style whilst browsing tumblr recently, and as a huge Star Wars fan and a lover of Alphonse Mucha, I can’t think of anything better. 37 more words