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They Are Not Ducks

When I first saw American Coots at the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge, they were swimming in a big pond with many ducks, and I thought they were another kind of ducks. 61 more words


Grace Pacific lost its "grace" to wildlife & our environment

I am not an environmentalist, and I am not sure if it takes the knowledge or understanding of an environmental degree to have common sense to recognize a hazard. 381 more words

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Mud Hen 5K - Post Race Recap

As I drove home from work Friday night at like 12:30am (so Sat – race day- morning), the wind was in full gear. With the… 474 more words


Mud Hen 5k Run - Pre Race Review

This saturday I will be doing the Mud Hen in Longmont, CO. This is just a fun little run around McIntosh Lake.  Not necessarily for my Racing The States project, but just something fun to do with my Mom.   372 more words


Why This Subject? Why Now?

Somewhere in my Texas past, I heard the phrase, “Honey, in this world there are Swans and there are Mud Hens and you, my dear, are a Mud Hen.”  It took me years to come to terms with the fact that I’m a “Mud Hen.”  And before you ornithologists and Toledo Mud Hens fans send me comments, I realize that the picture in my heading isn’t… 517 more words