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Soiling Yourself

Soiling Yourself 

Of late there has been a popular movement towards ethical diets, whereby one abstains from the consumption of animal products on the grounds that it is wrong to impede or end animal life for the sake of sustenance. 248 more words


Harry's Plaza Café

“This burger made me feel better than the time I hit my first home run.” 333 more words


My Two Valentines

Dear Elizabeth,

Today is the third day of a rare three-day weekend for me. Tomorrow I work a full day, then it’s another six days off. 588 more words

Celebrate Everything!

I love celebrations, big or small! And, I am a huge Harry Potter fan. Yes, I’m a Potterhead! So of course I celebrate their birthdays too! 298 more words

Hot Fudge Sauce

We had a birthday in our family this week. Our son turned 25! I can’t believe it! Now that he is all grown up and has moved out of the house, I had to postpone his birthday dinner until SATURDAY! 299 more words


Festive Mini Mud Pies

Some of you may recall that I made a large mud pie last Summer for a BBQ I was hosting. For the festive period I wanted to make some mini desserts for finger food, but also wanted something which I could prepare ahead of time. 555 more words


The Coffee Chronicles 2

The journey of finding the nice hotspots in Amsterdam continued. This time we went to Paper Planes, our expectations were high, but sadly we got a little bit dissapointed. 168 more words