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Cool Camera View

I have been trying to think of different views & such to try & get for my videos. I finally tried it this past Saturday when I went riding with kids. 196 more words


It's Been Too Hot To Ride

Summertime in Memphis if just miserable. If you have ever been here this time of year, you know what I mean. People talk all the time about how hot it gets out West, but it’s not the same. 156 more words


Riding At Bikini Bottoms

This past Saturday five groups of us (two sxs’ & three atv’s) went to Bikini Bottoms in Dyersburg, TN to ride & check it out. It’s really a nice place for mudding, cool scenery (a river, a lake, & even a swamp with cypress trees), but just not quite big enough to go all the time (it’s about 70 miles from us). 135 more words


Riding in Tennessee

Ok, a little over a year ago when my wife & I got married she found this awesome & beautiful place for us to go on our honeymoon & go riding. 316 more words


Bringing the Garage Up to Code

So when I bought my house, of course, I had an inspection done. It revealed lots of things like the need for a new sewer line in the back yard, the age of the water heater, and all the little things that were not quite up to current day code considering the house was built in 1964. 234 more words


Sugar Creek Trails

Our local riding spot here where we live is called “Sugar Creek Trails”. It’s a cool spot a man owns (about 500 acres) & he has let people ride out there like 30 years. 114 more words


Carter Offroad Park

Are you looking for a really nice ATV park to go to? Well my wife & I found this place a little over a year ago in Bryant, AR. 180 more words