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Off-roading: The Basics

Hey guys! Intern Shelby here and today we’re just talking about some off-roading basics.

First things first: When you go off-roading always know what you are capable of- If you don’t feel comfortable climbing over that giant, muddy hill then you probably shouldn’t do it. 270 more words


Oh What a Night!

By the end of our night, which was actually the next morning, the only thing any of us could say was “Oh what a night”! It was a great night. 1,769 more words

T5: All the things

So, of course, as soon as I finished that last post fucking everything started happening.

Most notably acne.  On my face, on my chest, on my ass.   1,094 more words

March in New England

Ray and Eddie and a few of their buddies took a spin through a few mud puddles on one beautiful March weekend.


T3: Busting brake lines

Getting off is a whole new thing.  It’s never really been my thing, masturbation.  All of a sudden, though, its almost a necessity.  My sex drive isn’t necessarily higher.   683 more words

Renovating Rental Property and Mudding With Family on The Set of Ace Ventura

I’m camping in this field; in a hammock just outside a town. I can see my rental property at the edge of the field.  I wait until the tenants leave and then I run over and get inside. 352 more words