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Muddying. Open waters

How these get a pass is anyone’s guess.  Obviously, the guys are not treading quietly or lightly. Boldly muddy the water, and everything else.

How the high and mighty stall when the highway patrol spots a commercial truck without functional mud flaps. 397 more words



That’s what happened this past weekend.

We were so productive.  It was our biggest weekend yet.

There’s not much to say about this stuff.  We went in and just worked.  847 more words


Let's Go "Mudding"

Note: This is not a paid advertisement for Jeep. 

Have you ever been “mudding”? If you like communing with nature, driving (or riding) over rough trails, don’t  mind getting dirty, and have a sense of adventure, I recommend “mudding” in a 4 X 4. 429 more words

National Day Of .......

Mudding and Taping -How Hard Can It Be?

I have a new appreciation for the entire industry of Drywall Professionals.  It’s a skill; and it’s a definite skill that I do not have. 533 more words

Home Renovations

The Bachelor (Season 21, Episode 8): I Heart Hoxie.

It has been a real struggle this week, and this blog is really late. Clearly one of two things has to happen: either I find a job that actually allows me to work the hours everyone outside the profession thinks I work, or everyone who reads this has to like it and share it so I can become rich and famous and write full time, or the producers need to give me a bachelor and contestants that I actually care to write about. 2,504 more words

The Bachelor

A Peek Inside...

Besides makeup and beauty, I LOVE the outdoors.   From walks in the park, to photography deep in the swamps, to taking my Jeep across the country for rides that benefit charities, or rides to just ride, I adore the outdoors. 99 more words

Get To Know Me

Long Time

I have not blog for a long time.   I spent close to 2 years to renovate my basement.  So there was no time to take pictures and blog.   180 more words