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STARSKIN SILKMUD™ Green Tea Clay Anti-Aging Liftaway Mud Face Sheet Mask Review

I’ve always been a fan of mud masks. Nothing seems to work quite as well at really pulling out the excess grime that a daily scrub and face-wash fail to retrieve. 852 more words


Drywall Continued

Drywall has continued and more and more progress has been made each day!

Fireplace Wall facing the Backyard

Looking into the Kitchen, Pantry and Dining Room… 17 more words

September 21: Flash Fiction Challenge

It’s 4 a.m. and the pitter-patter of rain  soaks the foot of my bed. It’s 4 a.m. and the Hub is outside in the dark, unfurling a crisp tarp to cover the flat roof of our trailer. 2,288 more words


Health Benefits of Mud Bath

When we were kids, we always associated mud with dirty fun. But did you know that mud has a number of health benefits?  With a simple application or having a mud bath, mud delivers therapeutic effect for maintaining health and wellness. 642 more words

.City Girl Has Run In With Country Life.

I’m a city girl through & through. Although I’ve lived in Arkansas for majority of my life, I still have the city mentality from St. Louis & New Orleans. 234 more words

Renovating an Investment Condo - Day 17 - Odds & Ends

Today involved progress on a lot of fronts, but all in small increments.

The drywall mudding and taping was going to take forever, so I agreed with Alex that we should bring in a pro at a slightly higher cost than we had budgetted (an extra $ 200) provided the guy came right away. 377 more words


New Adventures

I got out of town for a couple days. Got to visit some friends in Tyler, TX. I’d actually been plotting for several months to surprise him by setting up the visit with his wife. 190 more words

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