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HAIKU #123

deep footprint puddles

follow muddy rain-drenched paths

many pass us by

© Matthew Saunders


Across a muddy field

I don’t think I’m back up to daily posting yet, but here’s an odd shot just to stop the blog going too dry.

Yashica Mat 124G, Rolleinar 2 & Ilford FP4+.

Taken on 25 April 2018


Lotus' So Cool

Muddy waters? Ugly sight? 
It’s okay man, no worries! 
Just have a look around –
Oh, what’s that I see?

Wow, the lotus leaves lying scattered, 38 more words


Update 2: Fun House (1989)

Some more pics of the 1989 UK show (although I prefer the 1988 US show and I recently paid more attention to that).

As said, the yellow shorts are lighter than in the US show which don’t appear that shiny. 27 more words


You guessed it - Muddy track season is here!

We’re getting to the colder months of the year, that means if your 4WD is a mud pig, its time to blow off the dust, and get ‘er warmed up and ready to hit the tracks! 20 more words

Fun House (1988)

US Kids game show. Fox’s Fun House
Year: 1988-1991
Year in film: 1980s, 1990s
Country: USA
Who in shorts… 127 more words