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Parenting The Tot Life, Summer #1

Bryce and Lydia. I catch their cute moments on Facebook. Bryce is the son of Lindsey, my thrice a week nanny-slash-caregiver (helps me help Lydia). My baby girl is not yet 18 months. 347 more words

The Down and Up of It

Between the building up
and tearing down
there’s a canyon thin
as laurel leaf
wide as Turtle Island

I used to flail in the gorge… 167 more words


Muddy Waters: 1977 - 1981, The Late Career, Johnny Winters' Produced Records

“Well the blues had a baby and they named the baby ‘Rock and Roll'” – Muddy Waters, “The Blues Had a Baby”

I was a fan of the blues before I even knew what the blues were. 2,101 more words


There’s such beauty in finding marks like this. The imagination explodes.

I wonder what story is behind it. Perhaps it’s blown away and swept down from a mountain hikers washing line. 34 more words

Around The Campfire


Biography starring Sina Tkotsch
Year: 2011
Year in film: ~1978 ?
Country: Germany
Who in shorts: boy ~8 ? 147 more words


Sunday Muddy Sunday*

Moaning about the weather maybe a British pastime, but sometimes we all need to man-up / woman-up and get over it!

Today was not one of those days. 219 more words

Being Outside

A muddy walk

To be honest, the day I took this shot was not an ideal one for walking, but at the time I left the house it didn’t seem too bad. 177 more words