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Mondays with Muddy

Sorry for the lapse last week. I was on vacation and didn’t have the manuscript with me, so couldn’t post it. But we’re back this week with another excerpt from Beatrice Allen Page’s unpublished work, Landscape with Figures: 1,192 more words

Beatrice Allen Page

Definition #280 Anime

who keeps the sty rich?

serious, fertile, muddy?

anime actor?


It was all about getting wet and playing in the muddy puddles

As soon as the summer used to settle down with its fist downpour, the child within me used to rise beyond measure. A July born, I used to love the rains and how. 528 more words


Rising Creek (One Word Photo Challenge-Flood)

I live near Mudlick Creek and when it rains a lot the water grows muddy and the creek rises. During a heavy rain, the creek will overflow its banks and flood the road nearby, forcing me to take an alternate route. 87 more words


One item a hunter should never leave home without...

Now before we get to the ONE item there are many things you shouldn’t leave home without, weapon of choice, ammo or arrows, knife, range finder, and the list could go on. 627 more words

Interesting Reads

Vietnam / Laos border crossing: 24 hours of hell

I’ve been very lazy with my blog over the past few weeks, let me assure you, I’ve been out creating a lot of crazy memories. I’ll fill you in on those later, but firstly I have to tell you about my 24 hours of hell. 748 more words