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At this point I have done some work for all four jobs since I last slept, and I have been up for 27 hours straight.  I want to go to bed and curl up in the fetal position for a week or two. 221 more words



My black belt came from giant, transforming robots.

That was not the only source. The training and pressure encouragement of my master, and the encouragement of my friends played a role. 1,037 more words


Someone once told me he’d seen the sign hanging in a weight room:

The Steel exists to make the weak man strong

And the strong man humble.


Guest Blog! J.R. Begins again!

We are fortunate to have the chance to train together as a martial arts family.  To emphasize how much we value that experience, we’re honored to share a blog post from one of our gup students, Mr. 490 more words


Several Thousand Words

Congratulations to everyone who came to this week’s promotion testing and a double congratulations for everyone who had the mudo to follow the test up with a pair of great class sessions!   26 more words


Seminar Success!

Northwind Martial Arts LLC had a great time at Midwest Haidong Gumdo’s Fall 2016 Seminar in the Twin Cities.

Thanks to Master Frankovich for organizing and teaching so many parts of the curriculum!   233 more words


Ramadhan Ceria

Alhamdulillah telah terlaksana kegiatan Ramadhan Ceria yang diinisiasi oleh Mudo Bengkulu Kito. Kegiatan ini terdiri dari kelas mendongeng oleh Pofi Putri Utami (Alumni Angkatan Perubahan KPK), berbagi buku cerita – CD Lagu aku anak jujur ke 18 anak yang hadir, Tilawah bersama komunitas, Tausiah inspiratif oleh Deagita Randa Putra (Ketua FSLDK Provinsi Bengkulu), dan berbagi takjil serta nasi bungkus kepada masyarakat. 91 more words

Kegiatan Kito