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Burgeoning Boxdorfers

There are 15 pages in our German Family Tree that come from today’s birthday boy.  His name was Gottlieb Boxdorfer.  Gottlieb was born on February 7, 1820 in Weidnitz, a small village in Bavaria, a region of Germany.  1,067 more words

An Ox Enters the Farmyard

Today would have been the 117th anniversary for Theodore and Magdalena Catherina Hoffstetter.  Now, if I have my German right, the word, “hof”, means farm or farmyard.  652 more words

Sandler the Smithy

I have written about one of today’s characters before.  Twice, in fact.  I wrote a story about his parents……Watching So Many Children Die, and I wrote a story about one of his sons…….. 549 more words

Life of a German Emigrant Family

In 1832, the Krekel family settled in the far southwestern corner of St. Charles County, in the Femme Osage Township, next to the border of Warren County. 1,090 more words