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3 Snacks Your Kids Would Love to Eat at School

Snacking for kids is not just a habit but a means to fuel their body with nutrition and energy to get through the day. Make your kid’s snack time fun and healthy at school with these three healthy munchies. 300 more words

Health Bars

Home made muesli bars

I’ve been losing my motivation just a little bit this week. Not helped by the fact that I have a ‘not quite a cold’, one of those things where you are sniffling and miserable but not quite sick enough to use up any of your sick days. 84 more words

American Flapjacks / Amerikanske Flapjacks

A classic baking recipe found in Marguerite Patten’s
“Cookery in Colour” published in 1960

A flapjack, muesli bar, cereal bar, or granola bar is a sweet tray-baked oat bar made from rolled oats, butter, brown sugar and golden syrup. 84 more words



Look it’s really not that hard to find vegetarian snacks. I was never in the habit of snacking on steaks, but, becoming vegetarian has really made me exam my diet as a whole and try to cut back on processed foods and animal products that vegans cut out. 540 more words

Roasted almond and fruit bars

I really like chewy, nutty, fruit-filled energy bars which is needed for me to keep my energy and spirit up after a long day. These are so easy to make, only 10 ingredients, naturally sweetened with fresh honey and filled with nutrients from the nuts and fruits. 207 more words


Chocolate + Tahini No-Bake Muesli Bars

Without further ado, may I present… wait for it… the most perfect, light and crispy, chewy chocolate tahini muesli bars!! We made them, loved them and then realised that they were our recipe, tweaked and returned and tweaked again! 553 more words