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When life gives you apples.. make cider vinegar.

Steve’s brother rents an adorable little house in a hippie hamlet, complete with a small orchard. I shower him with food whenever I can- there’s something really rewarding about feeding a single person, especially if they are ultra grateful! 500 more words


Proven Health Benefits of Quinoa and Muesli We Didn’t Know

When we plan to eat a healthy diet, we automatically choose things that are high in protein and less in fat. Protein-rich diets help to not only maintain lean muscle mass but keep hunger pangs at bay. 331 more words

Healthy Muesli Bars

Granola Bars

Prepare a supply of these delicious granola bars on a Sunday for a quick and easy breakfast on-the-go or a snack for the rest of the week. 158 more words


Homemade muesli bars

Finding nutritious and tasty snack food for my kids is hard work. Thankfully these homemade muesli bars are full of seed goodness and are nut free so they are also great for school lunch boxes. 274 more words


Muesli bars

Muesli bars are easy to make and tastes much better when you make them yourself. Mix and match. Below a basic recipe, but you can replace the ingredients with all the types of nuts, berries and seeds you want.  194 more words

Snacks & Sweets

The Humble Muesli Bar

Ah the humble muesli Bar. I must admit as a child I never liked seeing them in my lunch box. They weren’t the snacky foods I was asking for. 555 more words


Banana, chocolate and muesli bars.

How simple and easy it is to make these snack bars!! I didn’t realise until I made a batch of these at home. Before this, usual thing for me was to pop into the store and just grab a good handful of these. 548 more words

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