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Der Elefant, der das Glück vergaß

Ajahn Brahm, der in London geboren wurde, in Cambridge Physik studiert hat und inzwischen in Australien als buddhistischer Mönch praktiziert, liefert dem Leser in seinem Buch viele kleine Portionen Glück. 546 more words


Chocolate & Cardamom Muesli Bars

Slightly obsessed by these Chocolate & Cardamom Muesli Bars lately – enough to make them a total of eight times and counting. I’ve been searching for the Bar that ultimately satisfies, you see, and each time I’ve done something a little different. 865 more words


Peach & Berry Muesli

Muesli! What can I say about muesli? There are so many different variations of this delicious breakfast dish that I feel like I could do so many posts devoted just to muesli… and maybe I will! 428 more words


Simple Muesli Granola Cereal

I find muesli a pretty useful store cupboard ingredient, it’s filling, healthy and it goes a long way. If you look around you can find it quite cheaply available ( 453 more words


Review: Mymuesli

Mymuesli heeft 2 nieuwe smaken ontwikkeld en wij waren de gelukkigen om ze te mogen testen! We kijken naar de voedingswaarden, de textuur, maar ook vooral naar de smaak natuurlijk! 697 more words


Home Made Muesli Bars

Home Made Muesli Bars are a delicious lunchbox treat. Rolled Oats are combined with dried fruit, butter and sugar. Lovingly baked until golden, then cut into bars, these wholesome snacks have no artificial ingredients or preservatives – give it a go! 43 more words


Tamarillo crumble!!!

What we love to do in the coldest months of winter? Eating ice cream in pretty woolen jumpers in front of the open fires makes me feel luxurious. 796 more words