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Can I get a Grrrrrr-anola!

This is the most simple, three ingredient, 15 minute recipe! It’s a make it yourself, at home recipe yet it’s as good as any store bought muesli or granola and probably healthier! 247 more words


Home made Bircher Muesli

Whenever I mention to people that I love yogurt with my muesli, I usually get rather strange looks. But I must tell you that there is nothing more delightful than this amazing combination. 140 more words


Hubbards Toasted Muesli: Almond & Pecan

I’ve struggled for a long time to find muesli that I actually enjoy. Why do I keep looking you ask? Because a lot of the time, they are better for you than the cereals I eat. 202 more words


Little beads of goodness

Quinoa pronounced kin wah, is the seed of a grain-like crop grown in South and Central America and is closely related to species such as beetroot and spinach. 594 more words


Homemade Muesli 

I’m sorry for my incessant breakfast posts but I just can’t help myself! It’s just too tasty. Also, it’s pretty cloudy this morning (much to our dismay!) so what better thing to do than write a food-related post! 129 more words


Morning Muesli

Welcome to my FIRST FOODIE POST! I know, this blog has been lacking some food, but I was nervous about my first food post being something that I don’t truly love. 299 more words


Healthy Breakfast Time

Hello everyone, it’s Grace here!!

Sorry it has been a while since we posted, I have just finished my GCSEs (thank goodness) and Rose is still at school, so we have been very busy. 916 more words