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31 Day Disney Challenge Day #26

Saddest Disney Moment
Mufasa’s death

I’m not sure anyone can see The Lion King and say that Mufasa’s death (and especially Simba’s reaction to it) is not the saddest Disney moment.


Intensamente  o como hacer menso al espectador inMENSAmente

Por Benito Guadarrama Velázquez @Benoman1

La mente humana, ese misterio que no se ha logrado resolver, el funcionamiento del cerebro que guarda tantos secretos como el mismo Universo. 1,018 more words


Jovago Kicks off Advertising Campaign in Kenya

The campaign centers on online travel convenience created by Africa’s leading online hotel booking website, while showcasing added value to the customers using the platform.

296 more words

The Lion King: Hungry Predators and Daddy Issues

Somewhere along the plains of Africa both predator and prey come together like flocks of royal-watchers to celebrate the birth of their future king. Caught up in the ceremony, we the humble onlookers join them in that magical song: “Ah! 599 more words

Movie Review

Sporadic Scene: The Lion King (1994) - Mufasa Mufasa

A priceless scene for sure. Scar evidently didn’t strike fear into the hearts of the hyenas, but the mere mention of the kingly Mufasa and they are all shaking like leaves. 68 more words

Sporadic Scene

The only gorge in the Pride Lands

This is not a new theory. I have seen it in a fanfiction, and – upon rewatching the worst moment in any Disney movie – I am inclined to agree with it. 239 more words

Theories And Analysis


This is my first post EVER. So go easy critics!…On second thought, be heartless and critical! =’D

A 14 hour journey on Rajdhani Express from Delhi to Gaya had left me EXHAUSTED and I was sleeping without a care in the world with a 2 month college break ahead of me, or at least I would have…if I had not felt something move at my feet. 1,414 more words