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Lie-on King: Is the most successful musical of all time a fraud?

At the risk of shattering those idyllic childhood memories, it seems that the Disney classic ‘Lion King’ may have been stolen from a Japanese Manga comic. 611 more words


On The Lion King. Kind of.

“Miss, what’s the name of the father of Zumba?”
“I thought it was Pilates.”

Stuff High Schoolers Say

Meet “Mufasa” from The Lion King

The Lion King’s musical production is Broadway’s fourth-longest running show in history, and it’s the highest grossing Broadway production of all time.

The show has grossed more than one-billion dollars. 47 more words

Live At 9

A Tale of Three Roosters--or Was It Four?

We used to have a large Barred Rock rooster, which we named Nimbus. His black and white spots looked vaguely like a rain storm. He was fairly young when we got him, and our older hens didn’t seem to take to him too kindly. 420 more words