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How the two epics Lion King and Bahubali are related

How the two epics Lion King and Bahubali are related

1.First of all let’s start with the mighty king ‘Mufasa’ vs ‘Amarendra Bahubali’

2.The Villain brother ‘Scar’ and ‘Bhallala deva’. 146 more words

Circle of Life - The New Beginnings or the Old Learnings?

More than the beginning weeks of January, I enjoy the last weeks of the December. Everyone is nostalgic and are also excited about the New Year. 572 more words


Cartoon Time!

Here are a few of the cartoon drawings that I have done over the past couple years. Drawing is a big stress reliever for me plus,I love to do it too. 28 more words


He Lives In Me

The lion is telling me that it’s all about illusion. As I lost myself in the music of the Lion King, he started to emerge. Whenever I was looking at the reference, picture ‘too hard’ trying to literally reproduce what I was looking at, the left brain kicked in. 98 more words


Archetypes: Ruler

Power is not everything, it is the only thing.

Taking responsibility not only for his own life, but the lives of others, the Ruler is one of the most recognizable and easily corruptible Jungian archetypes. 1,201 more words


Kakuna Rattata t-shirt

Kakuna Rattata (names of two stupid pokemons) is a joke with the famous “Hakuna Matata” of “The lion king

I think that this is my popular design, in the summer of 2016 it become a meme with the huge success of “Pokemon go” 75 more words


Hakuna Matata?

“It means no worry, for the rest of your day!” So amen to Hakuna Matata philosophy! 76 more words