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Don't. Leave. The Pride Lands.

I’m hoping we have all seen the movie The Lion King, right? If not, I recommend doing so especially if you would like to further understand the analogy I’ll be presenting throughout this post. 885 more words

The Lion King – 21 Years of Magic

The Lion King – 21 Years of Magic

Artwork of the main cast

“We are all connected. In the great Circle of Life.”

As far back as I can remember, my favorite story has been Disney’s… 4,020 more words


Why "Thor" Is Pretty Much the prequel to "The Lion King"

This is Thor and Loki.

This is Mufasa and Loki.

I mean Thor and Scar.

Crap! It’s Mufasa and Scar. What the shit brain why aren’t you working right? 642 more words


Was Scar really a bad guy?

Mufasa’s death was definitely one of the most traumatic events in film during the 1990s, and something that cemented Scar in our minds as a bona fide villain. 512 more words

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