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The Marinated Chicken Illustrated

I still have two of the breasts in the freezer for another time, but we have been gorging on this deliciousness for DAYS – including a wonderful picnic muffuletta that served five people, with leftovers! 508 more words


Muffuletta from Central Grocery

I have come an incredibly long way from being the most shy kid in school. I frequently travel alone now, and I absolutely love it. Last week I traveled to New Orleans, mostly because I had never been and I had a friend I could stay with. 458 more words


Three Weeks of Food!

The last month has been a bit hectic but awesome. I just got back from New York and Abu Dhabi, UAE –awesome spring break trip, then I had to catch up on work, then a conference in New Orleans, then I had to catch up on more work, then my parents came in town for Easter, now I’m still catching up on work. 462 more words


Muffuletta Me Make You A Sandwich

I would suggest experiencing muffuletta for the first time the way I did: exhausted and sitting at your departure gate in Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. 1,458 more words



This BITCHIN’ muffuletta came from a place called The Butcher down in Nawlins.

The muffuletta is the best mother fuckin’ cold cut sandwich I’ve ever had. 145 more words


A Louisiana Sandwich in London

This Friday, I spied a sandwich in the cafe near my office that I just had to have: a “Louisiana tuna melt”.

Mmm – doesn’t look that great, does it? 561 more words


New Orleans, Louisiana

I’m finally getting around to posting about my trip to New Orleans in January with Greg.  It’s such a crazy place, where on Bourbon Street, there’s live music practically every 10 feet, and bars offering 3-for-1 shots everywhere you turn, and yet, just one block over on Royal Street, stores are filled with pricey antiques, chandeliers, and original Picasso and Chagall paintings. 163 more words