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This BITCHIN’ muffuletta came from a place called The Butcher down in Nawlins.

The muffuletta is the best mother fuckin’ cold cut sandwich I’ve ever had. 145 more words


A Louisiana Sandwich in London

This Friday, I spied a sandwich in the cafe near my office that I just had to have: a “Louisiana tuna melt”.

Mmm – doesn’t look that great, does it? 561 more words


New Orleans, Louisiana

In honor of the Oscars, I’m finally getting around to posting about my trip to New Orleans in January with Greg.  (If you’re thinking, huh?  You’re right, they have no connection.)  It’s such a crazy place, where on Bourbon Street, there’s live music practically every 10 feet, and bars offering 3-for-1 shots everywhere you turn, and yet, just one block over on Royal Street, stores are filled with pricey antiques, chandeliers, and original Picasso and Chagall paintings. 163 more words


That’s where I’ll be the next 1-2 weeks for good ole Mardi Gras, eating muffulettas, king cake, po boys, oysters, and alligator!

Stay hungry my friends!


A Muffuletta and The New Orleans Rascals

I’ve been lusting over this sandwich for years. I tried it in New Orleans a long time ago, before I even knew what it was. It has kind of an interesting back story, so I put a link to its Wikipedia page below. 429 more words

Savory Inspiration

A top-notch muffuletta sandwich (Step-by-step guide)

Remember when I said the flat loaf from Columbus Bakery was the perfect bread for a muffuletta sandwich? Well, it’s true.  The thinner Columbus loaf, when pressed, provides the perfect bread-to-filling ratio. 214 more words


Central Grocery Company

Another must try at New Orleans, Louisiana!

Original Muffuletta at Central Grocery located in the French Quarter!

This yummy deliciousness consists of bread (soft inside, crispy with sesame seeds outside, light and simple), bunch of meats (salami, ham, & mortadella), cheeseSsSs (provolone & mozzarella), and a mix of pickled olives salad. 220 more words

New Orleans