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San Antonio (2005)

It was the 10th anniversary trip that happened almost two and a half years late.

Our daughter was just under six months old, our son just over three years, when we marked our 10th anniversary in 2002, so we decided to hold off on taking a celebration getaway. 209 more words

Mug Parade

Ensenada, Mexico (2006)

As a gift to my parents to celebrate their 50th anniversary, my brother, sister and I (and spouses and four of the six grandchildren) took them on a cruise that went from Los Angeles to San Diego, to Catalina Island, to Ensenada, Mexico, then back to L.A. 184 more words

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New York City (2011)

New York wasn’t new to me — I was born upstate and spent my early life there — but it took me decades to ever make it to New York City. 210 more words

Mug Parade

Maine Antique Digest (late 1990s)

In another post, I acknowledged my obsession with the state of Maine. My ownership of this mug was born out of that obsession.

The internet was still catching on in the late ’90s, and I was using lunch time at work to walk, eat, and look up Maine-y things on the web. 88 more words

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Pittsburgh Pirates (circa 2000)

I’ve been a Pirates fan since my family moved to Pittsburgh when I was 10. I used to go to sleep listening to games on a transistor radio I had placed under my pillow. 151 more words

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Knott’s Berry Farm (1978, or maybe 1989)

My grandmother lived in California my entire life until she passed away in 1991, and my brother had moved to southern California in 1978. That was the same year that Knott’s Berry Farm opened a ride called Montezuma’s Revenge. 88 more words

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Mt. Rushmore (2010)

You know what I really like about this mug? There’s a picture of Mt. Rushmore on the inside. As I drink my coffee, more and more is revealed, and it makes me feel like a superhero. 205 more words

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