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Door County, Wisconsin (2009)

If Maine represents my favorite area in the country, then Door County in Wisconsin is my favorite part of the Midwest. The pointy thumb that divides Green Bay from the rest of Lake Michigan has hundreds of miles of shoreline, five state parks and a whole bunch of lighthouses. 242 more words

Mug Parade

Christmas #5 (1990s or 2000s)

A table gift from my parents on a Christmas day after my wife and I were married.

This is part of a boxed set of four mugs, all the same size and shape but with differing Christmas-themed illustrations. 93 more words

Mug Parade

Christmas #4 (2014)

A teacher gift for my wife, but she shares with me.

Does it seem somehow dishonest to show a snowman hovering just above hot coffee?

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Pro Football Hall of Fame (2013)

One of the stops on our family’s Great American Road Trip of 2013 was Canton, Ohio. I grew up a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, and many of the players I idolized as a kid are now enshrined in the Hall of Fame there. 112 more words

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Christmas #3 (1990s)

My parents kept a tradition of giving table favors to their Christmas guests. Each place at the table had a gift, usually wrapped in tissue paper. 64 more words

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Hilo Hattie (1992)

We discovered on our honeymoon in Hawaii that many businesses targeting tourists like us printed ads for discounted goods and services. And Hilo Hattie, a store with multiple locations across the islands, drew us in with an offer of free coffee mugs. 25 more words

Mug Parade

The Al Bryan Mug (early 1980s)

It was a gift from my brother or sister, probably at Christmas while I was still in high school and they were out of college. If I recall correctly, they used the same occasion to present our parents with a pair of purple mugs that had round bowls — and legs with sneakers. 70 more words

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