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Looking for James E. Eagan

James E. Eagan was a fine looking man, and he was described as 5′ 9″ with greyish blue eyes and black hair tinged with grey. He also had a unique sense of fashion wearing patent leather shoes with buttons, a high collar, balbrigan underwear, and black socks with white feet. 53 more words


Wanted for Forgery

Hattie Nelson (aka Cortez, Carr, and Glover) wore a great hat in her mug shot photo. I find her story interesting.

On January 31, 1912, the San Francisco Call wrote: 547 more words


FBI Face Recognition Technology

In movies and television shows, law enforcement agencies use automated face recognition to find suspects and solve crimes.

Does it work that way in real life? 460 more words


Mug Shot Books at 2013 Auction

In 2013 Swann Galleries held a photography auction with hundreds of books and prints. One mug shot album contained approximately 1500 photos covering the period of 1905-1925. 152 more words

Mug Shots

John Surratt, Conspirator

John Harrison Surratt, Jr. was certainly involved in the plot to kidnap Abraham Lincoln in 1864, but there was sufficient doubt in his involvement in Lincoln’s assassination in 1865 that, when extradited from Egypt, after something of a world tour of escaping, in early 1867, he was released on $25,000 bail and the case against him for murder was declared a mistrial. 67 more words


Philado Castile, Walter Scott, Tamir Rice...

It’s time to say what nobody wants to say. It’s time to stop being politically correct and come right out with it: the reason that young black men are in greater danger of being shot by police is that young black men are more likely to be perpetrators than any other group. 1,316 more words

North Carolina Criminals Take the Happiest Mug Shots

Missouri has some of the angriest criminals in the country, but North Carolina’s criminals are the happiest.

That’s according to a new study by Los Angeles-based criminal defense firm Aizman Law Firm. 83 more words