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//8 Muggle Struggles and How To Survive Them//

Everyone wishes they were a witch/wizard right? Well, I certainly do! I have been waiting a loooong time for my Hogwarts letter and still haven’t got one *sigh* so I guess that means I really am just a muggle *sobs*. 1,493 more words


Who Needs The Sorting Hat?

Here’s a little story to leaven the gloom cast by Nuremberg on the Cuyahoga*…

…I’d guess it’s kind of intuitive, but now we can point to Science! 325 more words

Dragon Garden

For our first day of Herbology we built a Dragon Garden.  This was a simple and fun project which I highly recommend.


Bowl (I purchased a large glass bowl from Target) 154 more words

Time To Plan

Terror finished his 4th grade year a few weeks ago.  We have had some time to rest and I really need to get in the swing of planning now.  84 more words

Wizarding in a Muggle World

Try as he may, Harry Potter could attempt to wear the facade of a Muggle, but true wizards always saw Harry for who he was, a classic wizard! 515 more words

Atlas Ed- Rogue Educator

To be a source of light in the darkness

I wanted to take a minute today to talk about living authentically. Part of my journey of mediumship was making the decision to actually be myself. 309 more words


I am very sorry for the news that follows.

Life has drastically caught up to me so I do not have any time right now to continue this blog. 72 more words