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Muggles and Artists

Sometimes i wonder why some artists try so hard to hide their true talent so that the muggles can understand their art.

I’m not saying i am not a muggle. 136 more words

Kreacher Teacher

“Master is not spelling ‘dirty’ with enough disgust. How many times Kreacher must teach little Master the easiest of Black family swears, Kreacher does not know.” 492 more words


Train Compartments: Part 1

Velia Sampson took a deep breath and thrust herself forward. Her feet were running across the platform, her hands pushing the large trolley, and her heart was beating fast. 592 more words


postmodernism can kiss my mulish ass

I’m either headed for PMS or a mixed episode *grin* you’ll see what I mean if you read this post. Sorry I haven’t answered comments lately, just had a rather rough few days – no train smashes, I just get silent sometimes. 376 more words


Books Turn Muggles Into Wizards

That is a complete fact

Check it on Wikipedia if you don’t believe me.


5 Knock Out Responses to Facebook Cynics.

I love Facebook.

For me, Facebook is all about sharing. By sharing, I mean good vibes,friendship, and opinions.

And almost 90% of the times, it’s opinions. 776 more words

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