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Jinnah (Pakistan-UK 1998)

I’m posting this as part of the current focus on Indian Partition in August 1947.

Sometime in the early 1980s I remember watching an extraordinary film, … 1,496 more words

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Reflections on Jinnah - Part 10

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‘The Partition Plan was announced on the 3rd of June 1947, which entailed the division of British India into two separate dominions. 436 more words


Opinion: The anniversary of hatred

India and Pakistan became independent from British rule in 1947, yet they are still belligerent neighbors locked in territorial disputes and deep mistrust. The scar of partition remains unhealed, says DW’s Shamil Shams. 1,293 more words


Reflections on Jinnah - Part 9

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‘Coinciding with the years of WWII, Jinnah would embark on the arduous task of reorganizing the Muslim League which was by then gaining prominence in India due to its lobbying in the interests of the Muslims. 324 more words


Grand Trailer launch of Gurinder Chadha's Partition: 1947

Gurinder Chadha along with Huma Qureshi were present at the trailer launch of their upcoming movie Partition: 1947. Gurinder who is best known for directing Bend It Like Beckham and Bride and Prejudice, has directed this movie. 101 more words

Reflections on Jinnah - Part 7

It is such a shame that this movie was never shown to a mass audience in the West, like the Gandhi biopic of 1982, in an age when media plays a major role in shaping narratives. 273 more words


Reflections on Jinnah - Part 6

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‘WWI was in its concluding phases when a new yet tragic chapter of Jinnah’s life began. He was already an influential member of the Indian National Congress Party and had championed nationalist efforts like the Lucknow Pact and the Home Rule League, both of which demanded constitutional reforms from the British. 778 more words