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A Sharia-Compliant Guide to Beating Your Wife in Accordance with Islamic Jurisprudence

by, Elliot Friedland | The Clarion Project

“The husband is the ruler in his home,” according to Mauritanian scholar Sheikh Muhammed Ould Dedew, who explains in a clip posted to his YouTube Channel how to beat one’s wife in order to maintain discipline.
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Jesus vs Muhammad

One thing that the Biblical character Jesus had going for him was that he isn’t exactly what you would describe as evil. Sure, there are some things he said and did that were defiantly questionable, but for the most part it was his father that you had to look out for. 1,795 more words


Teror Terhadap Dakwah Rasulullah SAW

Kotoran dan Duri di Rumah Rasulullah SAW

Rasulullah SAW tampak bersiap keluar rumah. Hari itu, Nabi SAW akan pergi ke Ka’bah, bertemu dengan Abu Bakar. Setelah pamit dengan Khadijah, Rasulullah SAW bergegas menuju pintu rumah. 840 more words


The Khulāsa – Book Review

Title: The Khulāsa

Author: Sheikh Muhammad ‘Abd al-Hayy al-Kattānī

Editor: Brother Javed Iqbāl

Translator: Ustādha Āisha Bewely

Publisher: Turāth Publishing

A summary of Imām At-Tirmidhī’s ‘Ash-Shamā’il Al-Muhammadiyyah’. 623 more words