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Who is JESUS, From an ishmaelite convert.

While I was working in a muslim mosque as an imam, as a parish priest, I preach in my parish that Jesus Christ is not God, for me, God was only Allah, and I believed Allah never got married, so no sons for Allah. 1,026 more words


Perchè il mio dua non viene accettato?

Noi dobbiamo fare dua sempre perchè Allah dice:

“InvocateMi, vi risponderò” (Corano, 40:60)

1- ci sono delle condizioni per fare dua cioè scegliere il tempo giusto, essere buoni, 503 more words


Muslims in Morocco Attack and Beat a Male Transvestite Tourist Nearly Senseless (Video)

A ‘gay man’ dressed as a woman was ‘..caught in the act..’ of ‘..possessing the goods..’ inside a nightclub in Morocco. And this is the harvest he reaped… 13 more words

Only one!

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Only one!

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