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Muhammad Dan Ahmad Dalam Sosok Yang Sama

Akhirnya menemukan referensi tentang dua nama yang dimiliki oleh Rasulullaah Muhammad shallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, menjadi tulisan yang semoga bermanfaat di hari Rabu (04/03/2015). 236 more words


Sharia: The Barbarian Code of Repression

Sharia Law Is Medieval and Barbarbaric, as is Islam

Islam has not had a major facelift in over 1600 years; any leader who has tried soon finds himself assassinated, and his nation overthrown. 762 more words

AWKWARD - Susan Rice Gets Selected To Tell AIPAC The 'Hard Sell' - That Obama Administration Is Acquiescing To Iran

Earlier today Samantha Power was designated to play the role of ‘good cop’, and make the case, albeit difficult given her life’s work to undermine Israel, that President Obama and the current U.S. 210 more words

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The simplest solution is always the best one and from watching Obama for 6 years now the simplest solution to what does Obama want is --- he wants to reestablish the Caliphate in Iran or Turkey. Remember the Green revolution when he took office and did nothing but then started the Arab spring in the Sunni countries! He supports the theocracies but not the secular governments. He isn't smart enough to figure out the details and may even think the two sects can work out their differences, but in any case he is a supporter of the Islamic belief system as perverted as it is, so the best we can hope for is that we live through the next 2 years and Obama actually leaves office which is not certain at this time.


Judul Lukisan: Soulmate. Kulit telur ayam di atas plywood 3mm. Ukuran: 60cm x 40cm. Creator: Arsyad Villa.

Melengkapi lukisan sebelumnya. Dibuatlah lukisan ini dalam warna hitam, putih dan coklat.


Islamic Hatred for the Jews And How it Got That Way

An Inquiry into Islam:

The following was written by F. W. Burleigh, author of It’s All About Muhammad.

On Tuesday, March 3, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address a joint session of the United States Congress at the invitation of the Speaker of the House John Boehner. 1,247 more words

Counter Jihad Report

Hand of Fatima

This symbol is something that can be found in many jewelry stores, boutiques, and specialty stores around the world. It has ancient roots dating back thousands of years with ties to prophets in various cultures at different times on earth. 132 more words