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Why Muhammad ﷺ is considered as the Only Divine Ruler Ever by British Author Bosworth Smith

R. Bosworth Smith, a renowned British writer and author, writes about the sublime status of the Noble Prophet Muhammad:

It was Muhammad, who was head of the State as well as of the Church, he was Caesar and Pope in one: but he was a Pope without the Pope’s pretensions, and Caesar without the legions of Caesar. 206 more words

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The Grandeur of the Greatest King of Arabia

His house was but a hut with walls of unbaked clay and a thatched roof of palm leaves covered by camel skin and slept in hard mat leaving marks on his body. 146 more words


Why Muhammad ﷺ is called the “Founder of League of Nations” by Dutch Scholar Christiaan Hurgronje

Christiaan Hurgronje (1857–1936) was a Dutch scholar of oriental cultures and languages. He was fluent in Arabic language and was one of the first Western scholar of oriental cultures to go on for a pilgrimage to the Holy city of Mecca in 1885.  168 more words

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Why English Lexicographer Samuel Johnson Affiliates Muhammad ﷺ with the Modern World

Dr. Samuel Johnson (1709 – 84) is an English Lexicographer, writer, critic and outstanding conversationalist and leading figure of literary London of the 18th Century. During his literary discourse about religion and politics he remarked about the Prophet Muhammad: 65 more words

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Why Muhammad ﷺ is called “The Hero of Humanity” by German Philosopher Johann Goethe

Johann Goethe of Germany (1749-1832), a many sided genius, has been acknowledged as a world figure. His writings opened up the literary treasure for all who are interested in the common good of humanity. 153 more words

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A Love Affair

Reflections by Matthew Wright on being an Episcopal Mevlevi – balancing Christianity and Islam

This post represents the first piece of “new” content on A Waking Heart… 2,650 more words


Reason, Prophecy, and the Construction of Islamic Law: Competing Perspectives on the Textualist Bent

Argument 1: Textualism alone is sufficient to construct Islamic law.

Because Muhammad is the final prophet, no one else may gain direct access to the will of God. 402 more words