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Muhammad Shallallaahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam

Ketika orang-orang musyrik mempertanyakan, mengapa risalah tidak diturunkan kepada dua intelektual besar zaman itu, dua orang paling terpelajar, dua orang yang pantas bergelar cendekiawan : Al Walid ibn Al Mughirah dari Makkah atau Mas’ud ibn Amr Ats Tsaqafi dari Thaif… 1,753 more words


Rape: It is the Rapee's Fault

I have personal interests in this story.  My future daughter-in-law is back home in Sweden right now. 1,366 more words


Prisoner of War: Suhail Ibn Amr


The treatment of prisoners of war has been an enigma for all past civilizations. In most cases, the prisoner of war would have been brutally tortured to death, to make an example out of him for those surviving enemies. 2,749 more words


An Apocalyptic Reading of Qur’an 17:1-8

By Mehdy Shaddel*

Modern scholarship on the Qur’an has, since long, pointed out three problems with the traditional interpretation of Q Isrāʾ 17:1 as a scriptural… 1,709 more words

Fearing Allah in secret & in public

Allah the Almighty promises Paradise to His servants who fear Him in secret or in public. It is said in the Qur’an:

And as for him who fears to stand in the presence of his Lord and forbids the soul from low desires, then surely the Garden – that is the abode. 110 more words


Biblical Gender Roles vs Quranic Gender Roles

Both the Bible and the Quran teach the inequality of women to men, the subjection of women to men, the allowance for polygamy and the allowance for slavery. 5,891 more words


Prophet Muhammad ﷺ􏰂: the modest one

To Muhammad ﷺ􏰂, Prophethood did not mean temporal glory. Though there have been prophets who were kings, he preferred to be a servant of Allah rather than a king. 216 more words